Monday, April 26, 2010

New York Gangsters Take Kids

The New York Department of Homeless Services announces a proposal to class action settlements dealing with homeless families with children.


To: Homeless Families With Children

This notice is about settlements in five lawsuits called Boston v. City, McCain v. Bloomberg, Lamboy v. Doar, Slade v. Bloomberg, and Cosentino v. Carrión.

These five cases were brought by families with children who were homeless or were about to become homeless.

The families in Cosentino said that the State and City were wrongly convincing families who were homeless or were about to become homeless to place their children in foster care. These families said that instead of placing or keeping children in foster care because their families did not have safe housing, the State and City should help the families find and keep housing.

Here we have, what shall never see the light of day in national statistics or in the academic world, is a new category for reason of entry into foster care. That category is duress through racketeering.

But why was it that New York was able to hold a proverbial shot gun to families reaching out for help?

The answer is simple: no bid contracts.

It's so easy being a New York gangster, especially when it deals with child welfare. The public will fund you; the courts will dismiss your cases; and you can even get away with murder.

Hand over the kids, there's nothing you can do about it.

Happy Child Abuse Propaganda Month!
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