Saturday, December 19, 2009

Sunshine in Kentucky

This is a comment I posted on the about a bill to open family court records.

Beyond opening family court records to public scrutiny comes the destruction of the iron curtain sequestering the operations of child welfare. The arguments challenging transparency and accountability in these proceedings are without merit as other states are open. The true platform to those who wish to keep the public in the dark of what is actually happening in child welfare are those who wish to preserve the fraud, waste and abuse of public funding.

If the Attorney General MFCU remains asleep at the helm protecting the people, then someone must stand up. Rep. Burch has been the lone brave general in his battle to represent the people, and I am honored to know such a champion of accountability and transparency. Medicaid fraud is a ferocious, unchained beast in child welfare, devouring our economic security.

Kentucky State Representative Tom Burch should be honored for his historic role in bringing sunshine to, not just Kentucky, but the nation's child welfare system.

Sir, again, if there is anything I may do, I am at your humble service.

Mailing Address
Representative Tom Burch
4012 Lambert Avenue
Louisville, KY 40218

Telephone: (502) 454-4002


Here are 49.1 million reasons to support sunshine legislation in Kentucky.
Kentucky Title IVE 2006

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