Monday, December 21, 2009

Everyone, Meet Bill Johnson

Sometimes it takes a heartbreaking story to make sure no one else lives through the same. This is a story about one of the 7,000 children who is under the care of one man.

Everyone, meet Bill Johnson, Superintendent of Michigan Children's Institute.

This is probably the first time Bill Johnson, Superintendent of Michigan Children's Institute has been interviewed by television media. WXYZ Channel 7 Detroit, ABC has opened the doors to the state decision process of child wards.

(WXYZ) - We’ve all heard the heartbreaking stories of children abused and neglected in foster homes. A local couple is asking why the state would take their foster child who is also their nephew, a little boy they so desperately love and had hoped to adopt.

Action News investigator Heather Catallo has a rare glimpse into the heart wrenching day the state took Jake away. read more

Let's see if the media is brave enough to do an indepth expose and even interview me.


wheatalmyer said...

Beverly we read and watched this story and we have a similar case in flint michigan.. I see you are not a fan of Bill Johnson and maybe you can help us. Please call Jennifer or Steve Craven at 810-252-9822 or 810-908-2012

Anonymous said...

I will like to let everybody know that there are ways to win you case before you end up in bill johnson hands, i will explain as follow in addition you need to know that if you do disagree with bill jonson decision you don't have to hire an attorney- only thing you need to do is write a paper with detail information on why you feel he is arbitracious and capricious and pay $150 to the court, next you will receive a letter with court date...

Now about avoiding your case to reach bill jhonson is you have a sibling and being denied visitation file a request for visitation in the court the case was open, if you know the parents of the child and parental right has not yet been terminated have them voluntarly render the child to you before right get terminated.. all this can be done by yourself if the child is in foster care and only cost 150 dollars per filing.. I learn the leasson late.. Now I'm awaiting to see Mrs Johnson in court... I feel I have enough information but we will see... Hope are high but law is against me,, so we will see... never give up never surrender

beverly tran said...

Thanks for the inspiring comment, but in reality, or LexisNexus, Billy Bob is virtually undefeated in the Supreme Court...well at least when Maura "Cash Cow" Corrigan was sitting up there.

I will still wager Billy Bob will always win. Any bets?