Tuesday, November 6, 2018

What The Heck Is A Public Bank?

Q: What the heck is a Public Bank?

A: Another Public Private Partnership of stealin' because their is no regulation, because there are no laws on the books to even recognize, what has yet to be fully presented, of what exactly it is.

I am going with another Corporate Shape Shifter for money laundering through the City of Los Angeles because I saw the magical term of "Community Development" which is code word for TARP.

Jimmy Dore recently interviewed Madeline Merritt of Public Bank LA, a grassroots initiative in Los Angeles to create a public bank.


Of course, I immediately thought of a land bank in San Fransico and Nancy Pelosi, but that was the Philippines, and not Malaysia, so I kept looking because this Public Private Partnership reminded me of the Detroit Land Bank Authority.

I looked to see if Public Bank LA was incorporated or had an LLC, but it did not.

All I can say is that this initiative is quite questionable because it sounds like another one of those "authorities".

I did see Alpha Bank pop up a few times with Public Bank, but, hey, what do I know?

I know someone should take a closer look to see who is really behind this grassroots initiative.

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