Sunday, September 2, 2018

Cocktails & Popcorn: Judiciary MAXIMUS GOODLATTECUS Has More TEVA SCOTUS Issues

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the "Stinky Touch"
Oh, Bob....Bob, Bob, Bob.

Is this why TEVA likes you so much?

"In its favorable report on the AIA, the House Judiciary
Committee noted that inclusion of the phrase “available
to the public” in proposed Section 102(a)(1) was intended
in part “to emphasize the fact that [prior art]
must be publicly accessible.” H.R. Rep. No. 98, 112th
Cong., 1st Sess., Pt. 1, at 43 (2011)." page 24.
That "favorable report" came from the majority.

The minority offered an amendment to basically strike everything in the American Invents Act.

John Conyers, Jr. & Elijah McCoy's grandson
Detroit U.S. Patent & Trademark Office
I remember it because it was dealing with patent trolls and those fake ass business patent models filed by attorneys to hide the fact that the patents are held by Corporate Shape Shifters who are foreign nationals like the Detroit Development Fund as legal money laundering schemes with that God awful "attorney-client privilege" thang.

That is when Detroit got the first satellite U.S. Elijah McCoy Patent and Trademark Office.

Hey Bob, did you know I like to call you MAXIMUS GOODLATTECUS?

Something tells me that your last few months in office are not going to be very pleasurable, but I guarantee you, they will be memorialized.

But, hey, what do I know?

"Have a great day!"

And the moral of the story is: "Do not be mean to my Sweetie. Period."

Voting is beautiful, be beautiful ~ vote.©

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