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Our Most Precious Treasures Are Finally Being Protected: FinCEN & Egmont Group

Children are our most precious treasures.

It is my belief they are going to set up an international whistleblower institution, run this through financial intelligence networks of, eventually, blockchain, prosecute and recovery through the International Court of Crimes in a conjugal collaborative network with international genus taxonomies in international, national, state and local governments using AI.


You nasty little Meanies think you can run that predictive modeling with your dirty data that the people cannot even FOIA, to run these highly sophisticated financial privatized fraud schemes to keep stealing children, the land, the vote?

Well, guess what, it looks like the whistleblowers are now the experts and we are re-setting the global.

Allow me to introduce you to the Egmont Group.
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Financial Intelligence Groups
Corruption is a global plague that seriously undermines development, diverting resources that could be harnessed to finance development, damaging the quality of governance institutions, and threatening human security. Increasingly, corruption related crimes appear in the statistics of FIUs and of law enforcement agencies, as a major category of predicate offences. Effective anti-money laundering systems have the potential to pose a significant barrier to the possibility of perpetrators of corruption-related offences enjoying the proceeds of corruption, or indeed laundering the bribe itself. 
The FIU is an important element in the AML regime, particularly in the early, pre-investigative or intelligence gathering stage, where the FIU acts as an interface between the private sector and law enforcement agencies, assisting with the flow of relevant financial information. Fighting cross-border corruption requires close and timely international cooperation. FIUs can bring added value to this process from the advantages of existing and well-established information exchange mechanisms developed by the Egmont Group.

Edmont Group is the international institution to newtork to stop financial fraud, and it is even incorporated.

We are supposed to invest in the best interest of the child to garner the future returns of a productive member of society.

The time has come to dismantle the peculiar institution because it was never abolished through the execption clause of the 13th Amendment.

The law of chattels is still the law of the land and these privateers highjacked the legal institutions to rewrite the law to maximize their revenues for their tax exempt god.

History is cyclical where there always comes a time the people will awaken to understand that we are the ones with authority to redress grievance and challenge authority, but now, we have the skills to find your deepest, darkest, black hearted financial harbors where you keep the interests from our most precious treasures, our children, for no other purpose than to make sure you can keep on profiting from the trafficking of tiny humans.

All Hail The FBI Whistleblowers!!!!

Qui tam pro domino rege quam pro se ipso in hac parte sequitur,

Consider we, the whistleblowers as those with on the job expertise, which makes us the final arbitors of whether you suck or not.

I highly respect Defango for just doing it.

The U.S. Department of Treasury Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) Strategic Plan is about to expire.

This means there is going to be new legislation, new technologies, new networks so we can report fraud at anytime, any where.

This means there will be even more conjugal collaborations with a new Public-Public Partnership.  (I am ripping on the entire oxymoronic concept of Public-Private Partnerships, which is nothing but a fancy name for stealin' through Bills of Attainders.)

Much love to Jennifer Shasky Calvery, FinCEN Director, and the crew.

But wait, it seems there is a new director, Kenneth Blanco.  The plot thickens, he has some skills and sounds like he could be an original source coming out of Florida's Attorney General's Office. 

Stay tuned.

To officially lauch the festivities, I have so graciously provided my lil launder list of sectors of importance for the 2019 and beyone, institutional tenats construciton phase:
  1. Child Welfare Law
  2. Property Law
  3. Technology Law
  4. Campaign Finance Law
There! I kept under 5 bullet points.  I hope my Sweetie is proud.

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They are going after the political camaigns because they are corporations and were granted financial instruments by the banks.

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TRANSLATION: In the financial sector, if it sucks, and you do not let anyone know it sucks, then you suck, too and will be prosecuted.

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These NGOs operate under the color of law by and through governmental institutions to steal the children, the land and the vote, then turn around and leverage the booty to invest in their dark and nasty games of war.

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The banks operating as Anti-Money Laundering (AML) for the fake NGOs and unincorporated  business organizations like the Detroit Land Bank Authority stealing TARP, will be prosecuted for authorizing and issuing fraudulent financial instruments with non-existent instuments of authority, using a governmental institution as a front.

This means the banks are filing fraudulent tax information, which is intentional manipulation of the public record, to compromise voting members either through blackmail or guise.

This is why we must protect our most precious treasures.

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They have monetized our births and deaths through the certificates using the law of chattels in intellectual property.

Stay tuned.

On a mission...

Again, the moral of the story is, "Do not be mean to my Sweetie.  Period."

Voting is beautiful, be beautiful ~ vote.©

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