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Behold, Perkins Coie Is Privatizing The Justice System Using MSU

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"Naughty, naughty!  You do not steal democracy,
you do not steal civil rights, you do not steal public
dollars, and you do not make plans with
the data to steal the children!"
I knew my #perkinscoiesucks senses were tingling when I kept thinking about Michigan State University.

What crafty characters those "Legal Geniuses" (trademark pending) be!


Perkins Coie is privatizing the justice system, right under the noses of the Judicial Branch starting
with the States, or rather Michigan.

They are crowning themselves as the keeper of justice in their databases.

Ok, I get the usurpation of the State Attorney General powers (Oooooooo, Bill, they pulled your "Frank Kelly Cool Card") stuff, but how come no one is up in arms about a law firm running ops through a state, public institution of learning, Michigan State University, which is a non-incorporated organization, just like they did with the Clinton Global Initiative University and Detroit Land Bank Authority?

Are these "Legal Geniuses" (trademark pending) running the same scam they are doing with the Detroit Land Bank Authority?

Looks like it.

Since LegalServer possesses no legal instrument of authority to engage in any financial activities in Michigan, or any place else from what I see in any intellectual property or legal filings, they cannot open a bank account.

That means they cannot cash a check.

That means they are using Michigan State University to cash their checks and launder their money, just like the Clinton Foundation has been doing with MSU, the State of Michigan and the City of Detroit.

What money are these "Legal Geniuses" (trademark pending) going after?

Legal Aid money for "The Poors" (always said with clinched teeth) and forfeiture of all assest and legacies.

They are building databases of all the legal, economic, financial, educational, psychological, etc. intel of "The Poors" (always said with clniched teeth) with absolutely no oversight, and, considering the fact that this is more than likely operating by and through the Clinton Foundation, there are no civil rights or FOIA because you cannot FOIA a private corporation.

By setting up the fraud in such a manner, they are taking over the State of Michigan, or more intuitively, privatizing a state through the authoritarian scheme called the Emergency Manager.

They are creating a private arbitrator of justice, with predictive modeling.

Yes, these "Legal Geniuses" (trademark pending) are all up into predictive modeling and they are setting up shop, right here, in Michigan.

This is just another crafty model of the new human trafficking, based on the residuals of the peculiar institution.

Well, on second thought, it is not really that crafty; they stole it from the Michigan Children's Institute Superintendant model and MSU crafts just about all child welfare policy in the state.

Whacha gonna do, now, boys?


November 11, 2015

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