Thursday, December 28, 2017

Intelligence Raid Of The Global Privateers & Profiteers

The Intelligence Community taking down the Privateers.
The following Twitter thread contains articles listing CEOs who have stepped down since the Assets Seizure Executive Order.

The reason this is of such significance is because these corporations lobby, and financially contribute to political campaigns, and launder money through child welfare nonprofit organizations that traffic tiny humans, as they invest in social impact bonds.

How each CEO is connected in this model, only time will tell.

The battlefield of global intelligence is the war now preserved in the databases of history for all to participate, in real time.

All hail the whistleblowers.

Just another reason why I just adore transposable models, you can move them to any venue in a town near you.

I cannot verify but I believe the next wave of assets seizures by the DOJ is going to be intellectual property, Copyrights, Patents & Trademarks.

This is an intelligence raid of the global privateers & profiteers.

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