Thursday, November 9, 2017

Want To Run A Criminal Operation And Not Get Caught - Come To Michigan

Michigan Assistant Attorney General
covering up Detroit Land Bank Authority
The Michigan Attorney General really does not like it when one attempts to report fraud.


I previously shared the emotionally disturbing episode of the Attorney General FOIA officer's response.

I could not understand why it was so difficult for a resident of the State of Michigan to ask how to report fraud, particularly when it had to do with taxpayer dollars and the well-being of other residents.

The excuse to deny my request to find out how to report fraud was that I am being sued by Bill Schuette for reporting fraud.


So, since they used a law to excuse themselves for giving me information for reporting fraud because I will use the information in the legal case against me for reporting fraud, I decided to have someone else submit the same, exact request, on how to report fraud.

Well, after sending in my appeal, of which the Attorney General decided this to be a new filing, and not an appeal because threw in a request on how to report fraud of a charity in the state, they have granted me my request, in part and denied, in part..

They provided the information to report charity fraud.  Great.

They did not provide information to report fraud of a business operation that is not incorporated. 

One reason they did not provide information to report fraud of a business operation that is not incorporated is because it does not exist.

I tried reporting to the Detroit Police Department but the matter was foreign to them.

I tried reporting the matter to the Wayne County Prosecutor's Office only to find out they were part of the fraud scheme.

I reported to the Michigan Attorney General's Office, only to be told to "get em".

I reported to the U.S. Department of Justice through the case filing under the False Claims Act, but now I must wait a decision of the court as the matter has been ordered to the Magistrate for pre-trial disposition.

The Detroit Land Bank Authority is not a registered corporation and uses another corporation, Title Source, Inc., to sell real properties, cash checks, file fake federal tax statements, avoid paying taxes, and there is nothing the Michigan Attorney General will do about it.

So, the moral of the story is, if you want to set up a criminal enterprise in the State of Michigan, be guaranteed by the State Attorney General not to pay corporation taxes, and be able to engage in any type of licensed profession you want without a license and not get caught, Michigan is the place.

(Actually, on a side note, I know Bill Schuette knows about the Detroit Land Bank Authority and I know he has deferred the matter to federal jurisdiction.  I just like flushing out these rogue Assistant Attorney Generals.)

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