Saturday, August 12, 2017

LK Report for 8/12/17 - Our Foster Care Journey and More...

A video from a brand new foster parent who just got her first stolen child.   

HE IS HERE | Our Foster Care Journey

Know thy enemy people.  They think they're doing God's work.  They get that warm fuzzy feeling. They believe everything that the nice social worker tells them.

Then they get the rug ripped out from under them.  This just hasn't happened to her yet.

BTW, this is one of the most interesting types of foster care providers.  A child may have been abused, and she smiles because he's in her care.  A child was ripped away from his parents and she smiles because he is like a new pet.  She will hug him and hold him and love him and squeeze him and call him George...


The great-grandparents of three children are suing Wayne County Children and Youth Services, alleging they were wrongly denied adoption subsidies because they adopted the siblings through a private arrangement.


A gag order in the case of a Hawaii island toddler who died while in foster care goes against protecting the child and the family.


A mother refused to allow social workers to interview her young children and had suggested they were racist, the Dublin District Child Care Court heard on Friday.


Saskatoon, Canada - Jacqueline Maurice's book The Lost Children: A Nation's Shame chronicles her struggle as a victim of the Sixties Scoop, the practice of removing Indigenous children from their families.


McDONOUGH — Jennifer and Joseph Rosenbaum now face 39 total criminal charges in the death of 2-year-old foster child Laila Daniel, up from their original seven-count indictment.


A 7-year-old Gwinnett County girl was mistakenly pulled out of class Tuesday afternoon and driven to the state Division of Family and Children Services office in Rockdale County after a name mix-up, the district said.


The 50-year-old Sugar Grove man convicted of sexually assaulting his foster son suggests Kane County Judge D.J. Tegeler issued an "excessive" 45-year prison sentence as punishment for the crime, according to court documents.


Spanking isn’t abuse if there isn’t evidence that a child was harmed, the Utah Supreme Court says.
The court’s ruling, released Wednesday, reversed an earlier finding by a juvenile court, which said that hitting a child with “any object” constituted abuse. 

A couple — who weren‘t identified in the case — had spanked their four children with belts, and the state put the children into custody of the Division of Child and Family Services in February 2016.

More >> Spanking a child isn’t abuse unless there’s proof of harm, Utah Supreme Court says


During the past few years, foster parents around the country have come forward to say they were told to give up their guns—or give up carrying them on their person for self-defense—as a way of complying with the foster care requirements for their particular state.

More >> Foster Families Torn Apart By Anti-Second Amendment Regulations

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