Saturday, July 15, 2017

What Would You Do: Child abused by foster care

A mother is at a restaurant with her two children: one is her biological child, and the other is her foster child. How will people react when overhearing the interaction?

Now, I have been quite vociferous about child welfare institutions using impoverished children who are legally kidnapped and placed in foster care for revenue maximization schemes for quite some time, yet when I publish these facts, cited with audits, legal opinions, policy & legal analysis. with criminal & civil prosecutions, much of the world remains silent, just like the majority of witnesses in the video.

Foster parenting was designed under the Adoption and Safe Families Act, promoted by President Clinton, to create jobs.

Whether you like it or not, foster care and adoption is nothing but the residuals of the peculiar institution, except this time it is tax exempt.

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