Saturday, July 15, 2017

Making Healthy Choices: HHS Pumps Foster Kids With Medicaid Drugs

Making healthy choices on psychotropic drugs in foster care can be fun!

A foster youth, as clearly demonstrated in the lovely brochure, below, does not have the option of refusing medication.

One choice could be to sell the drugs for something that makes the foster youth feel better like food, clothes, or a secret android to get on Facebook and make plans of when the age out comes, or just stay in touch with the parents, which is not allowed by the States court of law.

Yes, chemical restraints in child welfare is the most humane and compassionate form of treatment, other than electro-shock treatment, physical restraints, or solitary confinement, because beatings are not really acceptable, now-a-days.

So, if you know you are going to be stuck in foster care for a few years, you might as well get addicted to some form of emotional altering substances, besides, it is all billable to Medicaid.

Dependency starts young for a loyal future drug customer.
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