Sunday, May 28, 2017

The Black Market Of International Manufactured Orphans

This is an investigative report on what is called "manufactured orphans".

Watch here: Manufactured Orphans
Havoscope Global Black Market Information

We typically call it "legally kidnapped".

The child welfare industry will typically use the name of "paper orphans".

The story tells the history of human trafficking in child welfare, specifically the international adoption market.

The same model is domestically in existent in the United States through Child Protective Services.

A child is made an paper orphan through Termination of Parental Rights through the courts, where an original parent is considered guilty until proven innocent, without right to face one's accuser, based upon fraudulent generation of evidence, for the crime of "failure to provide for the necessary needs of the child" (a.k.a. poverty).

No opportunity exists to reverse a termination of parental rights, which transfers, or rather, reverts, legal ownership of the child back to the state as a ward of the court for federal billing purposes.

Once the child is adopted, all files, particularly the billing files, are sealed from the annals of history, devoid of any mechanism of external forensic audits as these are tax exempt, mostly christian non profits.

What struck me most with this expose was that it went back to 1994 and looked into the billions of dollars funneled through this black market.

Havoscope has engaged in research regarding the intelligence data of human trafficking in the international adoption black market.

The video focuses on Sweden and India, but touches on Netherlands and Romania, which sheds light on the modern slave trade, which has never, ever ended.

It just transformed.

The Clintons, Haiti, Children and The Peculiar Institution

Very little has been spoken upon the U.S. about the adoption industry or the U.S. State Department's role in international adoptions and the billions of dollars being funneled through NGOs.

One may just look at Haiti or Syria to understand the financial motivation to promote the international adoption industry, or rather the black market of child trafficking.

This is not just the black market of child trafficking, this is the dark industry of forced migration, because selling chattel is the oldest form of survival.

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