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Biased Media Reporting Of Michigan Child Protective Services

In my traditional spirit of fuchsia, I bring to you my two cents.

Yes, I found this report to be extremely biased, if not a bit heavy on the propaganda side, knowing quite well the history of WXYZ in its lack of objective reporting in Michigan child welfare and disclosures of participating in fund raising and public support of child placing agencies and residential institutions which have been shuttered and have participated in questionable billing practices.

But, who am I to make such statements pertaining to the operations of Michigan child welfare?

Pay attention how the report cites numerous incidents of Medicaid fraud in child welfare, yet fails to address it.

Kim Russell should have consulted with Heather Catallo.

(WXYZ) - Julie Baumer lost almost everything when she tried to do the right thing.

How about doing a report on asset forfeiture and fraudulent billing in Medicaid?

“There is no amount of compensation that can ever get back what I have lost,” she said.

Nope.  Not a red cent nor opportunity for compensation because of the issues of immunity, false claims and fraudulent billing.

Remember, child welfare agents have the "Right To Lie", even if the ruling came down to say that they do not.

Her nightmare started in 2003.  When her sister said she couldn’t raise her newborn son, Julie took in baby Phillip and offered to adopt him.  He had a rough birth.  He was a fussy eater from the start. Then, at five-weeks-old he suddenly stopped eating. She rushed him to the hospital.

“When the results came back they said there was bleeding on the brain,” said Juliue.

A doctor at the hospital diagnosed him with shaken baby syndrome. Julie, in her twenties with few resources, found herself unable to pay a doctor to review that diagnosis at trial. She was sent to prison with a sentence of fifteen years. After almost five years in prison, the Innocence Project helped exonerate her.

In child welfare, you are guilty until proven innocent, with no right to confront your accusers, where poverty is considered the crime of abuse and neglect.

As for the shaken baby syndrome, well, that has a long and illustrious history with DeVos financially promoting this extremely unscientific theory for the purposes of advocating for more federal contractual grants to expand their private, non-profit, child welfare initiatives to fraudlently generate more money to fund political campaigns.

An expert found an MRI that proved little Phillip suffered a stroke, not trauma. However by then Phillip had been permanently adopted. She had no right to see him.

Now, let me tell you what is wrong with these three sentences:  Even though the workers were the ones who testified in support of the "shaken baby" training talking point, devoid of any medical training or licensure, the MRI was done, after the adoption.

One must understand that Michigan has no reinstatement of parental rights laws where it is speculated, as there exists no other logical explanation outside of inept legislative leadership and a financial will to remain beholden to their campaign financieers, that to reinstate parental rights would be a public act of culpability in the submission of false claims for cost reimbursement to Medicaid.

“To be told I am to have no contact with him, that is a cross I am going to have to bear for the rest of my life. That is a heartache,” said Julie.

Join the ranks.  You have been anointed.

“Do I think the system works? No,” said Sonia Cannon, an attorney who specializes in Child Abuse and Neglect cases.

If you do not believe the system is working, then what have you done, besides this interview, to specifically identify and address why the system is not working?

Allow me to answer that.  Money.  Attorneys need money, and this statement is not a shock, it is an industry.

Cannon has worked as a caseworker, a prosecutor of Child Protective Services Cases, and most recently as a defense attorney.  She says the system makes it hard for those without resources to get a good defense.

No money, no justice. Poverty is the crime of abuse and neglect, and grounds for removal.  Everyone knows that, except WXYZ.

She says all parents need to be aware, even the innocent can find themselves under investigation for child abuse.  She has seen it happen.

She says if you find yourself subject of a child abuse investigation, don’t go it alone.

“You better contact an attorney and do it immediately,” said Cannon.

How?  Where?  Who is going to pay for it?  By the time one does contact an attorney, the child is already in foster care placement.

See, there is this thing called, "exigent circumstances".  This means the CPS workers can call police to enter the home without a warrant.

It can happen at a hospital with an unexplained illness or if your child says something that raises a red flag at school.

No, it is called mandatory reporting.  Anyone who is in a licensed profession of the State of Michigan faces fines, imprisonment, or license revocation if they do not report, "suspected" so-called child abuse and neglect.  This has nothing to do with the professional experience of one to discern, logically, if there are other mitigating circumstances.  This strictly deals with professional self-preservation in the event someone else beats them to the punch in filing a report.

That is what a local mom says happened to her.  She says she was investigated after her special needs son said at school she didn’t feed him, when she says she simply changed his diet. She recorded CPS as they came to her house.  The video raises the question for parents, would you know what to do if it happened to you?

She told the CPS worker an attorney told her to ask what the allegations were before deciding whether to let her in her house.

The CPS workers are under no obligation to state the allegations because they can file what is called an ex-parte motion to the court for removal if they are turned away from the home.  By the time one is able to even solicit legal counsel, the orders of the court are in place and the parent is placed on the Central Registry of abuse and neglect, which means the case is in full motion, devoid of any formal, legal notification, and keep in mind I did not dare to mention any effectuation of service of the case, itself.

“Don’t call these attorneys. They don’t know what they are talking about,” the worker can be heard saying.

Actually, these CPS workers are absolutely correct.  By the time an attorney gets to the home, those kids are long gone, being billed as foster kids.

“Technically she doesn’t have to let her in her home,” said Cannon.

Attorney Cannon says this is a big question parents have. She recommends parents ask what the allegations are and then based on that information decide, should they call an attorney or let the worker into their home because the home will help prove the allegations are false.

If a parent does not allow a CPS worker into the home, these state agents can then call the police who will enter the home, guns drawn.

CPS investigators do need warrants to force entry, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t times when you should let them in.  If you don’t let them in they can obtain a court order.  It is possible a judge may remove your children pending an investigation.

“Verifying the safety and well-being of the child through face-to-face contact at the child’s home is essential to a Children’s Protective Services investigation,” said Bob Wheaton, Public Information Officer for the Michigan Department of Health & Human Services.

What Bob Wheaton really meant to say:  "Michigan is still under federal court monitoring, with a slew of lawsuits in queue so we are going to stick to regurgitating  the policy talking points to avoid raising any issues in dealing with the state's pervasive tolerance of perpetuating the submission of false claims for cost reimbursement to Medicaid and the utter disregard to any civil rights in child welfare."

There are no civil rights in child welfare.

Cannon also says it is not a bad idea to calmly let the investigator know you plan to record any conversations because it is about your children, and therefore very important.

“Don’t let your emotions control you.  Be calm and polite,” said Cannon.

Your children are about to fall prey to being legally kidnapped, raped, drugged & tortured, and advice is given to remain calm when you are aware of the massive ocean of personal stories, federal reports, and settlement agreements in dealing with cases of children who are tortured in foster care?  


Hey, WXYZ, if you stand behind your reporting of "what to do if CPS comes-a-knocking", then how about you doing an undercover investigation and allow one of your own to go through human trafficking in child welfare?

Right, I did not think so. 

No one in their right minds would subject their own children to Child Protective Services.

She said in cases where a doctor is investigating whether an illness is caused by abuse, don’t try to figure out what happened by suggesting possibilities.  She has seen that misconstrued as if a parent is offering conflicting stories.  Only talk about what you know, not what you don’t know.

To access mental health treatment for a child in poverty in Michigan, it is called "catching a case" which is subsequently reported as abuse for purposes of billing.

I would be remiss in failing to mention kiddie kickbacks.

Julie says  the devastating lesson she learned is  don’t let the fact you know you are innocent result in you letting your guard down.

Julie learned the lesson of child welfare propaganda.

“You put your trust in them and you don’t expect the system to fail. Unfortunately the system failed and I just happened to be a victim of that,” she said.

The system did not fail.  If functioned exactly how it was intentionally designed.

CPS provided the below pamphlet to help educate parents about the process.

Our friends over at legally kidnapped  have provided, below, a video to help educate parents about the process because WXYZ failed to report the other side of the story of Medicaid fraud in child welfare.

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