Friday, March 24, 2017

Bachmanns Profit From Child Trafficking, In The Name Of God

Behold, the same woman who was the face of foster care and adoption human trafficking for the U.S. Congress, and avid Medicaid fraud proponent,  Michele Bachmann, have resurfaced as still continuing her profitable activities of torturing children, in the name of the tax exempt God.

Yes, this power couple has generated a substantial amount of funding from child welfare to put her in office...and take her out.

And yet, despite being told to about the horrors of children being raped, drugged and tortured in foster care, she and her husband  perpetuates these egregious actions, and does not keep billing records.

Marcus Bachmann’s Christian psychiatric clinics sanctioned for failure to keep patient records

Marcus Bachmann — husband of former Minnesota congresswoman Rep. Michelle Bachmann — received a state correction order on Tuesday regarding his Christian counseling center and its failure to keep proper patient records.

Minneapolis Star-Tribune reported that inspectors from the Minnesota Department of Human Services examined 10 sets of patient records from Bachmann and Associates’ two Counseling Care clinics and found that none of them contained proper documentation of patients’ developmental condition, nor did they indicate that patients had been informed of all treatment alternatives as required by law.

Counseling Care received similar sanctions in 2005 and 2009 for failure to follow state guidelines for client assessment and diagnosis. During Michelle Bachmann’s unsuccessful run for president, Bachmann and Associates, Inc. came under scrutiny for administering “reparative therapy,” which purports to change patients’ sexual orientation from gay or lesbian to heterosexual.

The therapy is wildly ineffective and often results in psychiatric and emotional harm to patients who are trying to alter an immutable aspect of their psyche through prayer and traumatic treatments like shocking the patient’s genitals with electricity when they are exposed to erotic images.
Conversion or “reparative” therapy for minors has been outlawed as a form of child abuse in some states.

Bachmann’s clinics were given 30 days to submit records demonstrating that they are in compliance with state healthcare regulations and diagnostic practices.

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