Friday, February 17, 2017

Why do more L.A. County black children end up in foster care?

Because the residuals of the peculiar institution were designed that way, 

It is a multi-billion dollar industry too big to fail, and experts will never destroy their careers trying to stop it.

Happy Black History Month.

Experts clash over the reason

Black children account for eight out of 100 Los Angeles County children, yet they make up 28 out of 100 foster children, according to Department of Children and Family Services data.
The reason for that difference is a subject of dispute among child welfare professionals.

There are basically two theories, and the approach an agency takes to addressing the problem depends, at least in part, on which theory it accepts. One holds that social worker bias against black parents is to blame. The other argues that black children truly are victimized at higher rates.

In Los Angeles County, child welfare officials traveled to a Harvard conference in 2011 for guidance as they pursued programs based on the premise that social worker bias played a big role in the high number of black children removed from their families.

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