Tuesday, August 17, 2010

White Noise Of History, Darkness Of Thought

100 children a week call Childline about parents' drinking and drug use

Children as young as five are contacting ChildLIne - a free 24-hour number run by the NSPCC - because they are scared about their parents' alcohol or drug abuse.

They were three times more likely to report physical abuse than children who called for other reasons. And those worried about their parents' substance abuse were almost six times more likely to call about their own drug misuse than others.

Some 5,700 calls taken last year were about drink and drug problems, as well as physical and sexual abuse or neglect, said ChildLine.

Darkest England, like Darkest Africa, reeks with malaria.  
The foul and fetid breath of our slums is almost as 
poisonous as that of the African swamp.  Fever is 
almost as chronic there as on the Equator.  Every year
thousands of children are killed off by what is called 
defects of our sanitary system.  They are in reality 
starved and poisoned, and all that can be said is that, 
in many cases, it is better for them that
they were taken away from the trouble to come.

William Booth constructed the social safety net that we know today. Based upon these same principles, I challenge readers to make it through the first chapter of "In the Darkest of England" written in 1890 and see if society has elevated itself above this Victorian mentality of salvation.

The salvation model has proven itself to be severely flawed, not meeting its goals and objectives. The time has come to end the imperialistic morality parade.

One hundred years later, after you filter out all the child abuse propaganda, the song remains the same.

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