Friday, August 27, 2010

India Attempts To Challenge U.S. Money Back Guarantee On Adoptions

Foreigners to spend time with child before adoptn

Mumbai: The proposed guidelines for the welfare of children adopted by foreign parents contemplate that the adoptive parents should spend some time with the child in India, before he/she is taken abroad.

Bombay High Court is currently in the process of framing these guidelines.

Additional solicitor general Darius Khambata read out some of the draft guidelines during the hearing before Justice D Y Chandrachud today.

Guidelines have been proposed by Central Adoption Regulatory Authority. High Court initiated the process after a case of a 14-year-old adopted child -- who was abandoned by her foreign parents -- landed in the court.

Central Adoption Regulatory Authority???? There is no such thing as regulation in child welfare in the U.S. but the U.S. does have a great money-back guarantee if you send a child back home!

* The tax credit applies to domestic and international adoptions, but the procedure is not the same. Credit for expenses for international adoptions can be claimed only after finalization; for domestic adoptions, the credit can be applied even if the adoption does not go through.
* The full credit can be taken for domestic special needs adoption even when the qualifying expenses don't reach that limit.
* The credit of $12,150 is per child, not per year, so even if you claim expenses paid out over more than one year for one adoption, the total credit amount remains $12,150.
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