Sunday, April 25, 2010

Pennsylvania Cover Ups Kids 4 Cash Scandal

Just when you think the end of April would bring the end of the celebration of Child Abuse Propaganda Month, I run across this breathtakingly biased article supporting and even more egregious state report promoting the cover up of extreme malfeasance in the Department of Public Welfare.

Parents, relatives remain most likely abusers of children
By Charles Schillinger (Staff Writer)

Published: April 24, 2010

Parents and relatives are overwhelmingly the most likely perpetrators of abuse of a child, according to an annual report released by the state Department of Public Welfare.

About 81 percent of the substantiated 3,365 sexual assaults on children statewide in 2009 were committed by parents, family members or someone living in the child's home, the report found. Another 16 percent of the sexual assaults were committed by baby sitters.

Of the 1,647 physical abuses reported statewide, parents were the abuser 66 percent of the time, with 558 reports of abuse by the mother and 529 reports of abuse by the father.

While media reports often focus on abuse by strangers or others, the abuse of children has long been a problem within the family, said Lackawanna County Children and Youth Services deputy director William Browning...more

Deputy Director William Browning, have you lost your living mind??? Just in case you have, enjoy the following report, and be quite sure, this post will be viewed by those who will be overseeing your next federal review.

U.S. DHHS Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare, Philadelphia County Audit 2008

Mr. Browning, just in case you still do not understand that the generation of false public reports is not going to be accepted, allow me to refresh your memory one last time...

You are suppose to be working with the Administration for Children and Families, not generating propaganda to cover up hundreds of millions in child welfare fraud.

U.S. DHHS OIG Pennsylvania Castille Foster Care Audit 2007

Mr. Browning, you have been formally put on notice.

Luzerne, Lackawanna corruption scandals pose new barriers for region's economic development

Published: April 18, 2010

Economic developers worked for decades to escape the region's image as a Rust Belt has-been, weighted down by the demise of anthracite mining and textile manufacturing.

Today, a different stigma may pose new barriers to expansion in Northeast Pennsylvania.

More than two dozen public officials in Luzerne and Lackawanna counties have been charged in the last 15 months in a far-ranging, ongoing public corruption investigation. The net has ensnared three former Luzerne County judges and a commissioner, a Lackawanna County commissioner and a former commissioner, along with lesser public officials.

The scandal adds to the hurdles economic developers face as they try to attract business following the nation's worst economic crisis since the Great Depression.more
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