Saturday, April 24, 2010

Indiana Child Liquidation Method

It is always wonderful to see a different perspective introduced into the area of child policy. For so long, we have seen only one, biased side of analyses come exclusively from the realms of social work. I bring apply more technical applications when I look at a particular issue, but, my associates over at Legally Kidnapped have brought to the table a tasty, precious morsel of analysis in the area of public opinion.

Yes, public opinion is nothing more than a product of marketing, or more intuitively recognized in microeconomic terms, price is a reflection of market manipulation. When the public is only introduced to asymmetrical information, then, then, monopolies form, allowing the control of public behavior.

Oh, just read this...

The Indiana Child Liquidation Method

So late last night, I commented on the Michigan Heart Gallery which puts hard to place foster children on display for everybody to see, and today, I come across one of these heartwarming sucker you in with love kind of bullshit articles that really just makes you want to puke because anybody who knows anything about this issue should clearly be able to see that they are sending the wrong message in an effort to sucker people into their little scam.

And be it Child Abuse Propaganda Month, I am somewhat obligated to celebrate by continuing to point out the bullshit that they present so carefully in an effort to manufacture public support for their cause...more
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