Friday, February 7, 2020

Detroit Sues Top Slumlords, Except The Detroit Land Bank Authority


If City of Detroit Corporate Counsel, Larry Garcia is suing the top three Detroit landlords for blight and health hazards; where the Detroit Land Bank Authority is the largest Detroit property owner; then, how come the Detroit Land Bank Authority is not named in this action?

Oh, wait, I know!

If Larry names the Detroit Land Bank Authority, as a party to the action, then, that would mean that the Detroit Land Bank Authority is not a part of the City of Detroit, meaning it is a private operation, and, as such, would have to provide its corporate parent disclosures and instruments of authority, of which was dissolved by Bill Schutte, some time back, in the State Court of Claims, when he has his legal lackey enter into the record that I was a public nuisance.

Uh, oh.

I, also, seem to recall that Carmack case, that is coming up relatively soon for trial, where no one wants to talk about the Detroit Land Bank Authority being in that chain of command of the deed to the property Larry is claiming was stolen from the City, when there has yet to be an explanation of how the Detroit Land Bank Authority acquired the property, in the first place, considering that it was never incorporated, despite Janice Winfrey taking it upon herself to declare incorporation, because she is almighty and stuff, because someone from JonesDay told her so.

But, then again, it could have been someone from Perkins Coie Sucks, or both.

Hey, what do I know?

I know if Larry is not going to go after the largest blight owner in the City of Detroit, that made itself a creditor in the Detroit Bankruptcy, by settling fake ass debts with properties that were fraudulently foreclosed upon, through fake taxes, where the Detroit Land Bank Authority has a history of levying fake ass taxes with their fake ass, made up powers of authority, because it never incorporated, and pilfered all the Hardest Hit Funds out the country into their own personal ventures through children's trust funds, to run back into the U.S. to fund political campaigns, because, if he did, he is going to have to do battle with Butch Hollowell and the lot.

If I had the energy, I would file to intervene, just because Larry is not going after the Detroit Land Bank Authority, but I will not, simply for the fact that I know how this is going to end.


Detroit sues landlords for blight and health hazards

DETROIT (FOX 2) - The city of Detroit is suing three notorious landlords for neglect, blight and health hazards.

Detroit says the property owners might have 1,000 properties combined all across the city.

City of Detroit goes after slum lords with lawsuits
The city of Detroit is suing three notorious landlords for neglect, blight and health hazards

FOX 2 went to look at three properties on the list filed in Wayne County Circuit Court against Steve and Stephen Hagerman a father and son team, Salameh Jaser and Michael Kelly.

They have earned a title from the city we're sure they don't want - some of the city's most notorious speculators and slumlords.

FOX 2 tried to track them down, stopping at Michael Kelly's office Friday. So far we haven't been able to reach them for comment.

The city says it took legal action because according to them, these folks buy up a bunch of properties and rent them out - even though they were never brought up to code.

They are dilapidated homes that often have serious and terrible health and safety risks like peeling lead paint. The city says the folks above have piles of tickets for not following the rules, and this is a new approach.

"This is a new tactic to attack a business model that is particularly pernicious," said Lawrence Garcia, Detroit city attorney.

Pernicious because they invest and neglect - but in some cases the properties are vacant.

"The notion of a public nuisance, the notion that these properties present an unreasonable danger to the public grossly - I think that is an idea whose time has come."

In the lawsuits the city asks the court to declare the business model a public nuisance and make owners keep their properties up, stopping them from buying more properties until they get their act together.

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