Friday, June 7, 2019

DOJ: AG William Barr and FBI Director Wray Speak at FBI Graduation | NowThis - Proclamation In Full Heraldry - #maytheheavensfall

Image result for junior fbiCheck this out. 

Full Heraldry. 

Listen to the prayer because it is a formal proclamation.

He speaks of the two worlds under ecclesiastical law. 

Check out the international flags. 

Pay attention to the message.

The graduation is the ceremony of granting the right to bear arms on behalf of the U.S. as a standing army.

The Celestial Goddess of the Woodshed is pleased, but make sure to check this child welfare program out, also.

You may wish to revisit the history of this program.

Junior Special Agents Program


(I had to make sure to drop the arms the seal of DOJ)

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