Monday, October 1, 2018

Operation Underground Railroad: Trafficking Tiny Humans Has Its Detroit Roots In Chattel Law

The Romantic capture of chattel law
Now, why is there such a clatter of people, or rather institutions, attempting to repurpose civil rights history?

I know!

Detroit. Yes, it all started in Detroit.

The Underground Railroad was also the ratline for Traite des Blanches, an ancient form of chattel law going back to the Greeks, but that is another tale.

 The Mann Act was called the answer to stop White Slavery, the trafficking of those females of the fairer persuasion, the most desired and the lowest valued under chattel law because the practice was anciently normalized in society, as a measure for purveyors of little girls, and the little boys, of the darker persuasion from the Southern U.S. Boarder most particularly, to be registered, for business tax purposes, you know.

U.S. Department of Commerce and its
 Census history of U.S. chattel databases
A product of the Mann Act was the Birth Registration System started, but that is an entirely another tale of chattel databases and the Social Security Trust Fund.

But long before the Mann Act, there was even a thing called the "Irish Nellie Laws" of Virginia. 

I wrote upon it and I do not feel like pulling the legal citations right now.

As the story goes, the practice in the founding of this great christian nation in the 1500s was to drop English and Irish girls who were spirited away as a napping kid from the foundling homes and workhouse orphanages through a procurement process by the governor as chattel, into, how shall we say this...breeding pens, little communities during the height of the Pan African Slave Trade, to make cute lil babies that were all the latest rage amongst the procurers and privateers.

Plaçage et Traite des Blanches
The "purveyor"of this girl named Irish Nellie did not want her baby to be sold because she loved her so much, let her keep her baby and passed the laws in Virginia.

Those cute little babies they call "Redbones" meaning they are not fully cooked all the way, that is by way of skin tone being of the fairer persuassion, many of the tiny humans made during those Pan African Trading Trips, were registered, accordingly, on a ship's manifest as one-half, mullato, one-quarter, quarte' une (quadroon) and one-eighth (octroon) , where, those girls and boys who were of one-eighth African decent fetched the highest prices and were in high demand as a status symbol for the Octroon Balls, but that goes into another tale of chattel law, called Plaçage, by which the Mann Act was designed to regulate.

It was a commerce thing of international trading for those products of an unfortunate relationship.

The point is that the trafficking of tiny humans comes in all shapes and forms, now, all over the world, and the model started in Detroit.

The Underground Railroad ended up in Detroit, a border city, where these kids are still being procured, but this time, the system is called child welfare, particularly Foster Care and Adoption, where the chattel is the children of "The Poors" (always said with clinched teeth), because the Legally Kidnapped have no civil rights, but the multi-billion dollar foreign corporations do.

So, when you create a narrative that focuses on targeted, geographic populations, like children being separated from their parents at the Southern U.S. Border by excluding anything remotely referencing Foster Care and Adoption, I tend to think there is some dark propaganda going on because the trafficking of tiny humans is quite the sophisticated, complex financial fraud scheme raping the U.S. Treasury, the Children's Trust Fund, but hey, what do I know?

And that is why no one wants to seriously talk about the tiny humans who are being trafficked over our borders, because children have no civil rights and it is a multi-trillion dollar, international industry that funds and launders through political campaigns.

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