Wednesday, October 10, 2018

How To Reduce Detroit "Unintended" Teen Pregnancies

The solution is simple.

Just create a Child Protective Services course in grade school to teach them about the trafficking of tiny humans.

Or, you could ask what the difference is between unintended and intended teen pregnancies.

Or, you could just stop stealin' and forcing an involuntary, as opposed to voluntary, increase in the population of "The Poors" (always said with clinched teeth).

Perhaps, you could do something about teens, mostly of Foster Care, having to resort to sexual commerce for the purposes of eating and a warm bed, as a result of hailing from the population of "The Poors" (always said with clinched teeth), by proxy, not choice, of course.

Or, you could just continue to emphasize Detroit as the miscarriage capitol of North America and speculate on future placenta sales.

Or, you could, during the interim of trying to figure out why I have no mercy, whatsoever, on how "The Elected Ones" treat tiny humans, expand the program by hiring more teen mothers, as original sources, of course, to craft a transposable model to other cities.

iDECIDE Detroit

Detroit aims to reduce unintended teen pregnancies

Detroit – City officials have announced an initiative aimed at reducing Detroit’s unintended teen pregnancy rate by educating young people on how to make informed decisions about their own reproductive health.

As part of the iDecide Detroit program, the city’s health department also is working with more than 20 youth-friendly health care providers that offer reproductive health care services to teens.
The iDecide Teen Health Center opened Tuesday at the Butzel Family Center. The health care networks will provide counseling, condoms, birth control, sexually transmitted disease and HIV testing, and pregnancy testing.

The city says that about 1,600 Detroit teens between 15 and 19 become pregnant each year.

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