Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Cocktails & Popcorn: 2018 Detroit Primary Election Fraud?

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2018 Detroit Primary Election Day Cocktails
"Trust me, you need a cocktail after attempting to vote."
The 2018 Primary Election in Detroit absolutely sucked, badly.

As a matter of fact, the Detroit election, which carries the state, sucked so badly, I would not be shocked if there is a do-over.


I had to literally, not a joke, literally, step over campaign volunteers on the sidewalk, in front of the church entrance, where I went to vote.

No poll worker cared when I mentioned it and their candidates did not win.

I voted, but it took a while to get a ballot.

It seems, the workers were having serious issues when it came to enumerating the ballots, sequentially, like what comes after 68, which took a good five minutes of serious debate.

I know I should have videoed but I was absolutely mesmerized watching the intensity of the debate.

The result was to just renumber the voting record.


The ballot was so poorly designed, being a straight party ballot, I did not even fill out the back because it was so poorly constructed, I was distracted.

Well, perhaps, it was constructed intentionally to distract, because there was a special election where the 13th Congressional District candidates for the full 2 year, and on the back side were proposals no one even knew about.

No one really showed up at my precinct polling station, but at least this year, unlike the 2016 Primary Election, I got the proper location from online searches, unlike others who ended up just throwing their arms up in the air.

I am most certainly curious about the entire absentee ballot process and FEC campaign finance irregularities, but hey, what do I know?

It does not matter because you know I did my thing, which I am not going to share at the moment, because I already know the results of the election.


I wonder what happens when it is discovered that the elections were compromised.


Writ of Mandamus?


Oh, the possibilities are endless...

Midterms: ACLU investigating reports of ballot shortages throughout Michigan

Polls closed across Michigan after precinct problems

Voting is beautiful, be beautiful ~ vote.©

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