Friday, July 6, 2018

DEFANGO: The Unmasking Of "Q" Political Propaganda, DOJ, FARA & FinCEN

For those of you just now joining in, there is an online personae that has taken form right before our eyes on the Chan boards that goes by the anonymous identity of "Q".

"Q" came into existence for a brief moment in time at the end of 2017, carrying very positive and inspiring messages of hope, then quickly announced that it would no longer be communicating online.

All of a sudden, through different trip codes, a group of very dark, and nefarious individuals created what is called a Live Action Role Play, (LARP) promoting death, war and hate by promulgating itself as being a confidant of Trump through the manipulation of time stamps, pictures, and just some really ignorantly manufactured information on how our government operates.

I am calling this "Q" an idiot because it actually has no clue to civil rights and has put out such false legal information that I cringe when I see it repeated through social media.

"Q" is a psyop, preying upon the emotional masses who are so desperate for information and justice, but just does not come in the form of hate speech, which strips it of any credibility.

"Q" is mean.  That is not a good thing.

Another reason why "Q" is an idiot is because it has put out fake ass information, that only I would know, which makes me itch, because it claims to have access to congressional classified intel before it is released to the public, which is repugnant to the Separation of Powers Clause, or rather, more intuitively recognized as a demonstration of the manufacturing of propaganda.

The last reason why "Q" is an idiot is because it claims have the ear of Trump, yet goes around leaking this information to the general public, where, in the legal realms is considered espionage or even treason, worthy of criminal investigation, but, since DOJ has not lifted a finger to stop this illegal dissemination of information, it means that it lies, and is just constructing political propaganda.

Constructing political propaganda is not a task one individual does just for fun, which means there is funding involved.

My question is whether this funding is foreign, which means that "Q" has not registered anything through Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA), which means, "Q" is engaging in espionage, which is the crux of this entire investigation.

I also question whether these funds are properly reported to the U.S. Treasury because in similar fashion to the mysterious identity of "Q", for which I aver is involving dark money.

Looks like a job for my #Superfans!!!

Feel free to contact the U.S. Department of Justice to inquire about "Q" and if it falls under the legal purview of FARA.

Make sure you share your FARA responses!

The video, below, is Defango professing his knowledge on how to learn the process of analysis that may be applied to any other questionable online propaganda campaigns, such as "Q".

There was a lot of things going on. We decide to go over Qanon Proof and found some interesting things. There was another photo posted from what looked like Air Force One. I decided to do some Forensic analysis on the images in real time posted by Q and found it to be Photoshopped clearly. The Apple in the photo is not part of the original images and seems to have been manipulated with the clone tool on photoshop.

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