Sunday, June 10, 2018

The Tale Of The Death Of Kate Spade: Social Impact Bonds, CIVITAS, Child Welfare Fraud, Clinton Foundation, Land Banks & Haiti

Gather round, my dearies for the Celestial Goddess of the Woodshed shall unravel the tale of the Death of Kate Spade.

The death of Kate Spade is tragic, yet there are stories abound circulating through social media as to the details behind her demise.

Medical Examiner Says Kate Spade’s Death Was a Suicide

There are also narratives that have been conjured up from those desperate for the truth.

Kate Spade’s husband emerges in bizarre mouse mask 

Then, there is what I see.

Kate had a child welfare foundation, operating through the Clinton Foundation, that, I shall call a socioeconomic human subject policy research and design operation, utilizing public funds to operate a corporation, through Social Impact Bonds.
Kate Spade & Company Foundation was involved in the trafficking of tiny humans.

The Airbel Center's mission is to design and test life-changing, scalable solutions for people affected by crisis. By bringing together field staff, designers, strategists, researchers and technical experts, we aim to uncover and nurture ideas that make a big impact on people’s safety, health, education, income and power.

Kate Spade was involved in the destruction of Haiti through her philanthropic activities of supporting these socioeconomic pilot test models like microfinancing, land banks, trafficking tiny humans.

There is much more to the story of Kate Spade, or rather Kate Spade & Company Foundation because what I see is a strong possibility that her assets may have been noticed to be seized.

The Foundation had, in 2016, almost $16 million in Vanguard Investments and I am going to speculate that it was in asset management dealing with land, and I am even going to go out there a tad bit more, only because I do not possess access to the databases I really want to access, and just throw it out there that I bet there were some birth certificates involved in dealing with CIVITAS Solutions.

Why Nobody Is Investigating Children Who Die In Foster Care

 U.S. Senate Finance Committee Study On Privatization In Foster Care

Nancy Pelosi & Philippines Overthrow: It All Started At Nancy's House

Kate Spade & Company Foundation shall now be preserved in the annals of history for being one of the first to use a child welfare research and design human test subjects to implement the structural foundations of Social Impact Bonds through Public Private Partnerships.

The Clinton Foundation used the Kate Spade & Company Foundation for asset management.

We say asset management now-a-days because the term human trafficking is so gauche.

I look forward to the Senate Hearings, because, indirectly, of course, she was mean to my Sweetie.
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