Sunday, May 13, 2018

Mueller's Russian Ham Sandwich Indictment And The Corporate Shape Shifter Phenomenon

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Detroit Land Bank Authority
Corporate Shape Shifting organizational persona:
Ham Sandwich
Wait a minute.

Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller is being mocked for indicting corporations that were not in existence during the actions and inactions detailed in the filing, below.

Online media and other arm chair pundits are calling this a "ham sandwich", mocking Mueller in his investigation.

Well, you know how it feels when you name a party to an action in a court of law only to face that Corporate Shape Shifting phenomenon of a "working group" put together by "Legal Geniuses" (trademark pending) who accidentally, intentionally forgot to incorporate, during the time of conducting business.

Does Perkins Coie suck?

You should ask them how they cashed the checks, considering the fact that you cannot open a bank account without incorporating, you know, like the Detroit Land Bank Authority and Title Source Inc/TSI/Amrock did.

Just in case people are not getting it, this is about identity theft.

Gotta find a way to cash those checks if you never incorporated, you know.

The U.S. Department of Justice cannot indict, nor intervene, in a matter where the party did not exist during the time of the allegations of stealin'.

That is why it is called stealin' without the "g".

If it had a "g", DOJ could proceed under the cited U.S. Codes in the indictment and complaint.

I feel your pain, Bob, I feel your pain.

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