Saturday, April 14, 2018

Mastercard, Clinton Foundation: Reeta Roy Contributes To Human Plantations

Once upon a time, I read a press release from Mastercard announcing the first, meaning there will be much more, $500 million contribution into the Center for Inclusive Growth Fund.

I felt the constriction of repugnance from deep within my bowels and immediately knew the cause.

The Clinton Foundation.

Yes, it only took an initial search to verify that Mastercard was doing what all the other Trust Funds are doing, stealin'.

Instead of getting your corporation seized and indicted by DOJ for participating in the trafficking of tiny humans, you liquidate and dump into the trust funds.

Mastercard partnered with the Clinton Global Initiative University, which does not exist.

That is correct, the Clinton Global Initiative University never incorporated, just like the Clinton Global Initiative never incorporated and just like the Detroit Land Bank Authority never incorporated.

This means that Mastercard is laundering money through a fake, child welfare NGOs, but who is cashing those checks?

Writhing in agony from another blatantly ignored fraud scheme by Clinton, et al, I did another search to relieve my maladies of witnessing more stealin'.

Mastercard has partnered with the Clinton Global Initiative in Kenya and Uganda to steal water, the same scheme of stealin' water they are doing in Detroit and Flint.

Listen to Reeta Roy pitch the model for human plantations.

Human plantations are grandiose ideas coming out of NGOs, funded through Social Impact Bonds, to force migration of target populations, to a controlled geographic area by taking women of "The Poors" (always said with clinched teeth) and their children to produce more children to "reach their greatest potential" (code for revenue maximization) in international adoptions, and indentured servitude through microfinancing, just like they did in Haiti.

Controlling water resources encourages complicity of the socially invested chattel.

The term slavery is so crass and out-dated.

Remember Haiti?

I do.

Stay tuned.

Pay attention and you will see more major corporations launder money through their trust funds.


Mastercard Announces Initial Contribution to $500 Million Inclusive Growth Fund

New Fund Will Help People, Businesses Prosper in the Digital Economy

PURCHASE, N.Y. – April 10, 2018 – Mastercard today reported its initial $100 million contribution to the Center for Inclusive Growth Fund, part of a $500 million commitment to support initiatives that focus on long-term economic growth for everyone. The company first announced these plans during its fourth-quarter 2017 earnings as an extension of an ongoing commitment to do well and do good.
Hands circle_inclusion
The fund has been designed to deliver on philanthropic goals shared with the Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth. Chief among these goals are to reduce income and information inequality, increase financial inclusion and workforce skills development, and make people and businesses more resilient in the face of a rapidly changing economy.
“There are too many people today who are disconnected from the resources and connections they need to survive and thrive,” said Ajay Banga, president and CEO, Mastercard. “In establishing this fund, we hope to increase the agility and ability of people around the world to navigate change and be successful.”
In addition to the new fund, the Center will continue its mission to use Mastercard’s technology, data and partnerships to develop solutions that allow more people to participate in the formal economy.
The Center recently launched a U.S. inclusive growth initiative, following a series of listening sessions in which Mastercard executives met with employers, community leaders and workers in seven U.S. cities. Learnings from those conversations are currently shaping a set of programs to help overcome barriers to economic growth.

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