Thursday, August 10, 2017

Families & Children Justice: Carnell Alexander On Fraudulent Child Support Judgments

Debbie Williams, host of Families & Children Justice interviews Carnell Alexander on men who are ordered by the Michigan courts to pay child support when DNA demonstrates they are not the biological father.

Carnel Alexander tells his story about incarceration, asset forfeiture and other civil rights violations for defending false claims of the courts.

Court finally stops trying to make Detroit man pay child support for child that isn't his

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Carnell Alexander says he got a shock during a traffic stop in the early 1990s. The officer arrested him, telling him he is a deadbeat dad.

When he appeared in court Alexander told the judge, he didn’t have any children. The court told him to find the woman.

The court gave him an old address. When he couldn’t find her, he says was told he would have to pay.
“It is such an unfair system,” said Alexander. “Period.”

He later learned that while he was in prison for a crime he committed as a young man, an ex listed him as father on an application for welfare benefits. Notice of the paternity hearing that followed was taken to his old house.

When he didn’t appear for the hearing he didn’t know about, he was made dad by default.

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