Saturday, July 15, 2017

See Marilyn Jacobson Lobby Kansas Child Welfare Trust Fund For Social Impact Bonds Dividends

Privatized Kansas Lobbyist Marilyn Jacobson
Marilyn Jacobson is also a registered lobbyist for the State of Kansas for the privatized KVC Health Systems.

See Marilyn lobby for Medicaid funding.

Lobby, Marilyn, lobby.

Marilyn used to be an administrator for Kansas Department of Children and Families.

Lobby, Marilyn, lobby.

Marilyn Jacobson is the Chief Financial Officer and General Counsel for KVC, the privatized Kansas tax exempt organization that runs the show in dealing with children going through the state's child welfare system.

Lobby, Marilyn, lobby.

Marilyn Jacobson, J.D., Chief Financial Officer and General Counsel, has been with KVC for 3 years. She was most recently Special Assistant and General Counsel, working on financial, legislative and related projects. Jacobson worked for the Kansas Department of Administration from 2003-2013, retiring as Director of Office of General Services, a role that included responsibility for the state’s payroll and central accounting services, and serving as legislative liaison and public information officer. She also worked for the Kansas Department for Children and Families from 1992-2003 (at that time, it was known as the Department for Social and Rehabilitation Services), ending as the Assistant Secretary for Children and Family Policy. Jacobson received her law degree from Washburn University and a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Washington in Seattle. She also served in the United States Army for 11 years.

Is it just me or is there an inherent conflict of interests going on, here?

See, lobbyists are paid substantial fees to do their thing and bring in more money for the organization.

Marilyn lobbies the State of Kansas on behalf of its privately contracted child welfare services to bring in more money, I shall assume, to pay her and dividends on the social impact bonds.

Kansas child welfare system sucks, but Marilyn still lobbies because the Kansas Children’s Cabinet & Trust Fund must pay dividends to its investors.

I would have published the 990s but it seems they are, well, privatized.

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