Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Day 205 - Hillary'Hillarys , Awan Brothers Saga Deepens

SHOW Me the Metadata. Seth' Phone, Bodycams, Bar Cams, Hospital Cams, Aaron Rich Lawsuit, Powers of Discovery, Hospital Admit Report, Doctors Report, Autopsy 

Set Rich Sent 44,000 Emails to MacFayden, But I Still Say Jones and Ratner Are the Key to Rich and Braverman

Podesta' Playbook -SEIU Janitor With Pillow, Disorderly Orderly, Nurse Anesthetist Whoops I Did It Again, I Am Just Reading the Plays

Reaching Out Wikileaks Francophones, Tout Le Monde, C'est Tres Important

Eric Barnhart, Evan McMullin, McCabe, NSA, and Booz Allen

French Metadata Anyone? Chandelon Open the Door to the French Research Powerhouse

Erik Barnhart, FLDS, NATO, Chandelon, Epstein On the Kosovo to Paris Ratline, Plaime Greatness, Dumheller's Secrets

Most Significant Paragraph, Metadata, Frequency Analysis, Ratlines

 Ron Wheeler Interview Was a Real Downer - He Is Not Going To Find Seth Rich's Killer

 Pic of Seth at Lou's City Bar, Pic of Mgr. Joe Capone, Badges and Names Of Officers, Name of Ambulance Service, Is Capt Anthony Haythe ex-DynCorp

 Any photos of Kelly Mulka, Seth's Girlfriend? Seth's Home Address?

 Police Badge Numbers? Bodycams? Dash cams? @dcpolicedept

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