Wednesday, April 5, 2017

War Chest Seeks FEC Approval To Engage In Campaign & Tax Fraud

In February of this year, 2017, came forth a new form of fraud, unlike what we have witnessed before in political campaigns.

Behold, I present to the world, a group of private investors by the name of War Chest, LLC, out of the great State of Ohio who have found the audacity to approach the Federal Election Commission and ask if they can leverage political campaign contributions, tax free, in the stock market.

All political campaign donations are deductible
in the name of the tax exempt
christian God.
Seriously.  I kid you, not.

War Chest wants to, even with more specificity, take Political Action Committee contributions, which shall include SuperPAC funding, all tax exempt, and turn around and invest it.

So, what does all this mean?

Well, for those who are not aware, SuperPACs are funded through what is called "dark money", meaning, no one knows from where it came.

SuperPACs are for presidential campaigns, whether for or against a particular candidate.

In turn, these political campaign contributions, (a.k.a. your tax dollars which are supposed to help the most vulnerable of society) are funneled into the private investment market into what is called social impact bonds which reap profits through privatized contracts billing federal and state public programs like schools, health care, biomedical technology.

Yes, Medicaid is now funding innovations of the fields of biomedical, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, genomics, and technology, in conjunction with the U.S. Department of Defense, where the populations of foster children and relatives, "The Poors" are being used for human subject research.

These fields of innovation then bill Medicaid for services, whether legitimate or not, it does not matter at this particular juncture of the working example, because they have been doing this for decades.

Let us not fail to mention those political appointees who are wealthy enough to purchase a governmental position to further funnel federal dollars into political campaigns, by writing off sizable monetary contributions of their own into a tax exempt, christian, non-profits, which will then, donate to political action committees, which will be used for foreign investments into weapons deals, oil, and gold.

Dare I include human trafficking in the list of industries ripe for these types of fraudulent investment schemes?

Of course.

The political campaigns will make a substantial killing in the stock market through private equity investments, where, I am just going to go out there on a limb and say that these profits, as political campaign committees are non-profits, will end up finding its tax aversive way into some off-shore tax haven.

Quintessentially, the entire process of voting will be dismantled as the divinely chosen corporate political candidates will then be installed as the winner of the election by dumping ghastly amounts of money into political campaigns to buy the votes of the sophisticated populous.

So, if the FEC approves War Chest's fraud scheme, I am going to irritate them in the manner of which has made me world renowned, 
Then, I am going to make the SEC my new best friends, whether they like it out not.

And, to the IRS...                                       #Time2AuditGod 

Oh, and considering the simple fact that Clark Hill was retained to represent War Chest in this situation, I would definitely request DOJ to take a cursory look into the past activities of this law firm because this shit reeks to the high heavens of fraud.

Fraud, fraud, fraud.

Voting is beautiful, be beautiful ~ vote.©
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