Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Lil' Miss Hot Mess Daire Rendon Is An Equal Opportunity Disenfranchiser

Lil' Miss Hot Mess Daire Rendon,
Chairwoman for the Michigan House
Standing Committee for
Families, Children, & Seniors
Yes, that is correct.  

Lil' Miss Hot Mess, the Chair for the Michigan House of Representatives Standing Committee on Families, Children, and Seniors has disenfranchised the residents of Michigan, again.

But, this time, she jacked the seniors.

Giving credit, where credit is not even necessary to acknowledge, LMHM did, at one point in her illustrious career as Chairwoman, did provide public notice of a meeting more than 7 days in advance, but I shall assume the was just a token gesture to appease her colleagues that I had to chastise her.

This is so messed up; neigh, she is the hot mess.

So, tell me, honestly, how would some elderly individuals, or even the caregivers, who wish to participate in the public discussions of Alzheimer's conditions, treatments and services get to the State's great capitol of Lansing, to physically attend the meeting, or just to live stream on social media to people back in their constituent districts, locals, or living rooms, where someone who is concerned could watch the meeting, with a 23 hour and 48 minute public notification of the meeting?

Well, at least there is one thing that can be definitely said about LMHM Rendon, she is an equal opportunity disenfranchiser!

No wonder Michigan has a severely ignored the problem with the soaring rates of poverty.

Hey, LMHM, you do know I shall continue to taunt you, utilizing the most delicious morsels delivered to me from your inner circle, until you get your act together, right?

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Standing Committee Meeting

Families, Children, and Seniors, Rep. Daire Rendon, Chair

DATE: Thursday, April 20, 2017

TIME: 10:30 AM

PLACE: Room 327, House Office Building, Lansing, MI

Presentation from Lindsay Brieschke and Jennifer Howard with the Alzheimer's Association

Presentation from Keith Morris, President of Elder Law of Michigan


To view text of legislation go to:

Committee Clerk: Taylor Thrush
Phone: 517-373-7256

Individuals needing special accommodations to participate in the meeting may contact the Chair's office.

Schedule changes or cancellations available at
Notice posted: 4/19/2017

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