Saturday, April 8, 2017

A Michigan Order Of Medicaid Fraud In Child Welfare

If you do not remember, some time ago, I sniffed out another Medicaid fraud scheme in Michigan child welfare.

Well, it looks like I called it out and here is proof in an order of reimbursement.

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That is correct.

Michigan will snatch your kid, throw them into a facility which has direct connections to the judge, create some hocus pocus medical opinion form a social worker with will trump any licensed medical doctor current overseeing the medical treatment of a patient, just to conduct medical experimentation on a child for research purposes.

But wait, the best part of the scheme is that the state will turn around and bill you for the medical services they said they provided because that was what a Child Protection Worker, sans medical degree, said.

Does Michigan reimburse Medicaid for the services it claims to have provided the legally kidnapped child in its care?

Hell, no.

Does Michigan proceed to asset forfeiture proceedings when the parent, who is already poor, cannot afford to pay the medical bills of the child being in forced care?

Hell, yes.

The following is a comment from the mother:
So Leiani gets medically kidnapped by CPS over a year ago,, case was agreed to be closed transferred to a guardianship that I have paid in full and now the juvenile jail she was placed in by CPS because they denied all family wants $2,000 a month until further notice??? Because she was sick and has an autoimmune disease ....ok how about reimbursing me for living in the back of my truck and hotel!! Oakland County Michigan Corruption at its best!
Is this Medicaid fraud in child welfare?

Hell to the YES!

Will the Michigan Attorney General Medicaid Fraud Control Unit do anything about it?

Hell to the NO!

This is an election cycle.  Keep it real, folks.  Keep it real.

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