Thursday, February 16, 2017

NAVIENT Engages In False Claims

Since "The Elected Ones" have failed to address the issues surrounding student debt, I thought I would do it for them.

NAVIENT is what one may call a privatized contracted administrator of student debt for the U.S. Department of Education, and it sucks.

Of course, many are already familiar with the term "predatory lending", but in this instance, this is a "predatory collection".

The tactics of this privatized group is devoid of, basically, any regulation or oversight, up until now.

If one has a complaint with accounts, or simply wishes to speak to someone about managing the debt, oh, let us say, due to long term financial hardship, considering that half the nation is in poverty, or due to a disability, or even reporting veteran status, the organization, will run you through the mill by telling you that all is well, then, turn around, without notice, and intercept the Earned Income Tax Credit, so many need to survive for the rest of the year.

Navient, trains its customer service representatives to make judicial determinations and provide false legal advice of what one can and cannot do, without any congressional approval to represent the U.S. Department of Education in a legal capacity, without a license to practice law, and to whimsically refuse to honor certified orders of judgment from federal courts.

It is notoriously known to engage in creative accounting, for the purposes of optimizing profits for its shareholders.

If you wish to file a complaint to just question its accounting practices, Navient will direct you to a recording and inform you to leave a number for another customer representative to contact you, only to inform you that they will self regulate and investigate themselves.

They seem to always find successful resolution which finds themselves in the right, without any proofs.

Then, to make matters worse, if you request a direct contact to the U.S. Department of Education to file grievance, well, they are privatized, meaning, there is no regulation or oversight of what the organization does.

So, to make a long story short, as this is obviously an issue far too complex for "The Elected Ones" to take on, or perhaps it is a matter of keeping campaign funds rolling in, here is the direct number to file a complaint with the U.S. Department of Education Ombudsman.

The activities of Navient were so egregiously outlandish, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau had to file a complaint for a permanent injunction to stop this predatory, strong arming of getting blood from a stone.  

I believe it is nothing but a skimming scam to submit false claims in artificial services fees, just like every other privatized corporation does, to drain the Social Security Trust Fund.

What better way of destroying the intellectual and economic future of a nation!

Navient is nothing but another privatized hustle called false claims.

Oh, by the way, I would not advise a buy on its stock right about now.

Tell your story to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

File a complaint with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

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