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Yes, Detroit, There Is A Child Welfare Fraud Network

There are those who will say that these sentences are too harsh, and that is to be respected, but when ghetto fab is achieved through the defalcation of funding for children with special needs, there is no excuse.

This is a powerful statement:

“There's a network," Wilbourn-Snapp said. "It's so deep.”
Kelly Ramsey,
One of Detroit's Queen of Fraud
in Child Welfare

This network is not restricted to Detroit, nor is it limited to Michigan, nor is it exclusive to the United States.

This network is one of what I refer to as "chattel ranching" where people validate their actions of personal inurement from the ills of children in poverty.

For example, let us look at the soon-to-be former judge Kelly Ramsey. 

She sat on the board for Child's Hope  and, contemporaneously, presided on the bench at Lincoln Hall of Justice, as a magistrate over child welfare cases.

Her mantra of "Tough Love" allowed for children to be drugged, raped, beaten, tortured, attempted suicide, almost on a daily basis.

Out of respect for the victims, I shall not publish the state investigative reports.  Feel free to FOIA Michigan DHHS.

If this sounds like a bit of a conflict of interest, have no fear for the Michigan Judicial Tenure Committee, some of whom sat on boards of other child welfare organizations, like the former St. Vincent Sarah Fisher, found no wrong in her extra-judicial activities.

Child's Hope receives funding from the Michigan Children's Trust Fund.

The question now presented is whether she used any of this fund for her campaign for Judge for the Wayne County Circuit Court.

I am going out there and claim this one as a positive, "yes", just because I know her.  She possesses the same arrogance as the individuals mentioned in this article.

Then, some time ago the City of Detroit had what was called a Child Abuse and Neglect Task Force. 

Each year, the Michigan Children's Trust Fund would send down a check averaging $20,000 for a group of individuals, normally elected and appointed officials, to look into child abuse and neglect, whatever that meant.

There were people in the City of Detroit who would bill Wayne County for employment background checks on children as young as 6 months old, a few times a week.

Well, as rumor has it, certain people within the City of Detroit would just stuff their pockets with the money.  That was the only meeting they would convene.

As for the fraudulent activities of the State of Michigan, those are well documented.

Below, is your national and international model of child welfare fraud.

The network exists and will continue to exist because people believe the network is too big to fail.

The network is not too big to fail because I am on a mission...

New digs for Detroit's Maserati-driving principal: Prison in Kentucky

Detroit's infamous Maserati-driving principal is waking up in prison for the first time today,  though she's not in the so-called Camp Cupcake facility that housed her female predecessors who committed similar crimes.

In fact, she's not in a women's prison at all.

636082504061846449-kenyetta-wilbourn-sn-1-.JPGKenyetta Wilbourn-Snapp,  the center of a sweeping school corruption investigation in Detroit, is serving her sentence for bribery in a Kentucky prison for inmates with physical and mental health issues.  Why she's at that location is not known. But the facility, whose inmates include terrorism suspects and drug traffickers,  is starkly different than the so-called Camp Cupcake prison in Alderson, W.V.,  where former City Councilwoman Monica Conyers and ex-gallery owner Sherry Washington served their time for corruption in  Detroit.

Washington is serving a seven-year sentence  for bilking $3.3 million  from the Detroit Public Schools through a sham wellness program. Conyers served three years for taking bribes in exchange for her vote in  a $1-billion sludge deal.

Wilbourn-Snapp, a former principal at Denby and Mumford High Schools who once tooled around town in a Maserati with a Gucci vanity plate, is serving one year for taking a $58,050 bribe from a tutoring vendor. The Maserati was a gift from a vendor, she has said, previously admitting to the Free Press'  Rochelle Riley that taking kickbacks from crooked vendors was a way of life for her and many Detroit school officials, and that she got her start in thievery at DPS.

As for why the federal government focused on her, she said:  “They got on me because I was in bed with everybody.”

Now, Wilbourn-Snapp is waking up in a prison bed, paying for her crime alongside inmates that include:
  • Narseal Batiste, 42, a religious cult leader  who is serving 13 years for masterminding a foiled plot to bomb the Sears Tower in Chicago in 2009.
  • Daniel Cowart, 28, a white supremacist who is serving 14 years for plotting a failed assassination of then-Presidential nominee in Barack Obama in 2008. 
  • Kinde Durkee, 63, a former campaign treasure for 400 Democratic candidates who is serving eight years in prison for stealing $7 million in campaign funds and using the money to support her own business.
Wilbourn-Snapp's crime involved scamming from Detroit's lowest-performing schools when she was supposed to be helping them.

According to federal prosecutors,  Wilbourn-Snapp wound up at the center of a federal probe following an audit of the Education Achievement Authority, a state-created agency designed to help Detroit's lowest-performing schools. Wilbourn-Snapp, whose high schools were part of the EAA,  pleaded guilty to bribery in February, admitting she pocketed a  bribe from a tutoring vendor and spent it on herself while working for the EAA.

The vendor also pleaded guilty. So did an independent contractor who delivered the bribes to Wilbourn-Snapp at a bank, and kept some for herself.

Wilbourn-Snapp's case would prove fruitful for investigators.

After charging Wilbourn-Snapp, authorities zeroed in on longtime DPS vendor Norman Shy, who unknowingly led investigators on a paper trail that would uncover a $2.7 million kickback scheme and trigger charges against 14 people: Shy,  12 DPS principals and an assistant superintendent. Shy was charged with billing DPS $2.7 million for school supplies that were never delivered with the help of principals who approved his phony invoices in exchange for kickbacks.

Out of the 14 charged in that scheme, 13 have pleaded guilty, including Shy, who faces up to seven years in prison when he is sentenced next month. In court documents -- and in the courtroom -
- several of the defendants have claimed that cutting deals with vendors was a way of life at DPS.

But It was Wilbourn-Snapp, perhaps more than anyone else, who publicly disclosed what she described as a pervasive culture of corruption that went hidden in Detroit schools for years.
"If you needed money, you could get money," Wilbourn-Snapp, 40,told Riley in a series of exclusive interviews last fall.

“There's a network," Wilbourn-Snapp said. "It's so deep.”

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