Sunday, May 1, 2016

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder Breaches Contract Of Public Trust, Again

To my brother and sisters from Germany, Netherlands, and Switzerland who have become my new Superfans, I wish to reach out and thank you, well, for empowering me to point out another major #EpicFail in Michigan Governor Rick Snyder's legal defense PR team.

See, Snyder, with his wickedly brilliant criminal defense public strategy team, came up with a public relations stunt to pacify the people of Flint by saying that he would take the 30 day challenge and drink the faucet filtered water of a typical Flint home.

It was great for photo ops and rebuilding the public trust.

Then, Snyder had to rescind the promise of him and his wife drinking the Flint tap water for 30-days, because "it was not feasible".

"Not feasible" is a technical term for "My PR criminal defense teams suck".
When in a position of leadership, one typically refers to the schedule to see if there are any conflicts.

If Snyder was qualified to oversee the public trust, he would have had his jack-legged PR criminal defense team investigate the options of traveling with the Flint tap water, complete with international photo ops, of him keeping true to his promise.

I guess it was too much work to get international clearance, in advance, before he breached the public trust, again.

That is correct.  Traditionally, people who are elected as government officials are supposed to preserve the public trust.

Similar to a trust fund, the public puts its faith in governance of its elected official to provide for the safety and well-being of it posterity.

Posterity, in this instance in the meaning of governance, means providing for the best interests of the child in order to garner a future investment return of a productive, tax paying citizen, based on the social contract of the public trust.

Citizens are not consumers of government, they are government who have a voice through the vote, which is slowly being silenced.

As for right now, Snyder not only breached the public trust, but it looks like there are going to be substantial reductions in profitable returns of its future, tax paying citizens, or in this case, its future workforce.

Children grow up, but not very well under Snyder's leadership as Michigan's child poverty rates grew during his tenure to make the state's largest cities hit the top ten list in the nation, and North America.

So if Snyder cannot govern the public trust, how in the hell does he actually believe that his international trade missions will be successful when these businesses can just google his name to find out he does not possess leadership skills to run a state, let alone actual business opportunities?

If Snyder wants the state to operate like a business where its citizens are being considered as consumers, then he is setting a bad example for international businesses to move to Michigan

Perhaps Snyder's sell to these foreign national investors is the economic plight of the people created under his administration as a steady pool of cheap and desperate labor for these manufacturing investors.

Or, perhaps Snyder is just a sucker to his advisors who are raking in dark money for his criminal legal defense PR team, under the guise of helping the people of Flint.

If #RickSnyder can breach the public trust of the people, something tells me there may be a chance he will do the same with these foreign businesses.

Voorzichtigheid, zoetjes.

Voting is beautiful, be beautiful ~ vote.©
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