Tuesday, May 31, 2016

House Judiciary Trolls With Taxpayer Dollars

Well, well, well, look at what we have here.

The U.S. House Judiciary Committee of the Majority has been victorious in its take over for absolute control of its social media.

There is not even a hyperlink to the Judiciary front page of the Democrats as it was ensconced deep beneath the drop down menu upon scrolling up the page.

How is that even fair and equal treatment to the functioning of the federal government?

The last time I checked, utilizing congressional resources for the political gain is a no, no.

Is Chaffetz manipulating the public record under the guise of an uncited authority?

Were there any co-mingling of campaign and congressional funds?

There must be accountability in using congressional resources to create an artificial authority to manipulate the public agenda and distort the historic record.

See, the historic record, now-a-days, is called a dataverse.  It is all about the data, baby.

People look at the number of "hits" or "likes" to determine if something is valid or not.

Mutational algorithms are designed to delivery information the investors want you to see through the search engines.

Search engines tell you what you want to see; the spiders follow paths to cast the web you will be stuck in, which, in this case, videos like the one, below.

Then there are the suppression portions of online statistics which would make stuff like this the authority.

What about the intellectual property issues with using congressional resources?  YouTube has copyright and policies.

Who is the keeper of the record?

I expect hearings in Judiciary on the issues of using social media for congressional purposes with congressional resources.

Social media should be included in governance so now is just as good as anytime to examine the issues.

This is quite a crafty troll move.  Well, played, Sir, well, played.

My turn.

GOPers Tout Slick IRS Conspiracy Film In Hearing Pushing Official's Impeachment


The video has been posted for nearly a year on the Oversight Committee’s YouTube account, and has more than 9,000 views, which Chaffetz bragged about at Tuesday’s hearing.

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