Saturday, May 21, 2016

Hamtramck City Attorney Travis Mihelick Rips Off City Because “People get litigation happy”

As reported by the Hamtramck Review, in the article entitled "City once again facing a financial crisis despite state oversight"  I have shared a statement by the City Attorney speaking upon the $500,000 in litigation costs for 2016:

"City Attorney Travis Mihelick said the ongoing legal fees boils down to one thing: “People get litigation happy,” he told the state-appointed Transition Advisory Board."

No.  People have the right of due process and people have the right of free speech when the City Attorney does not do his job and protect the rights of its citizens.

Just for the simple fact that this man, I shall intentionally omit his title as a foreboding act of stripping his license, has failed to function as the City Attorney.

Hamtramck City Attorney Travis Mihelick
This man, Travis Mihelick is supposed to be a public servant, but it seems, since he just made partner, has been serving himself and his partners at his law firm.

Yes, that is correct.  Mihelick has no contract with the City to even represent the City.  Heck, he has not even filed an oath of office, but of course, as everyone knows, one does not have to have an oath of office, let alone follow the law, when it comes to defalcation.

Instead of hiring a City Attorney with an annual salary, let us say $70,000 and a $100,000 budget, to farm out conflict of interest cases, the City of Hamtramck prefers to allow the City Attorney to bill, line item bill.

Now, this begs the question, "Who approves the cost-reimbursements?"

City Council, of course.

See, I am just going to allege  that City Council is severely lacking administrative acumen and Mihelick knows this very well.

One half of City Council supports gender segregation while the others are too busy taking stuff from the city and trying not to get busted.

For instance, Hamtramck changed its fiscal year to cover up its budget shortfalls for years.

What this means is that a fiscal year for federal, state and counties begin October 1st, but not in Hamtramck.

So, instead of a City Attorney, Travis Mihelick, doing his job of protecting the citizens of the City, you have a man who will sit back, waiting for someone to get "litigation happy" then bill the City for it with frivolous and dilatory motions.

For example,

Oh, and do not let me forgot to mention that Travis Mihelick has a motion for sanctions sitting on the desk of another federal judge.

The following is an excerpt from the instant complaint which was obviously filed by someone bitten by the"litigation happy" bug,  today, at 3:00 p.m. in the Michigan Eastern District Court:
28. Upon information and belief, that during the course of the investigation and racially targeted mission to rid the Hamtramck community of “these fucking Arabs” and “Sam everybody like him​”​, Defendant police officers Stout and McMahon habitually referenced members of the Arab American business community, including Plaintiff R. Joumaah, an Arab American, as; “​towel heads​”, “​rag heads​”, “​sand niggers​” and “​camel jockeys​”. (See Ex. A ­ John Doe v. Detective McMahon et. al paragraphs 36­43)​. 
29. Upon information and belief, that as a factual basis to fabricate probable cause to procure a search warrant, and initiate a raid upon Plaintiff Sam’s Tire Shop and the residence of Plaintiffs R. Joumaah, the confidential John Doe informant was directed by Defendants McMahon and Stout to present himself to Plaintiff R. Joumaah, as a purchaser of marijuana and guns.

I strongly encourage City Council to start looking for a new City Attorney, just in case, because I have a feeling there are going to be people who will read this, be really displeased with what I have just published, and will be too enthused to do something about it if you do not.

City Attorney says his bills can’t be looked at

According to City Attorney James Allen, of the Allen Brothers law firm, the monthly bills he submits to the city outlining what cases and issues he worked on and how much he and other attorneys in his law firm received in payment are “privileged” information.

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