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William Isaac Robinson busted by "robo-forging"congressional letter

It seems William Isaac Robinson is trying really hard to smear John Conyers.
William Isaac Robinson's facebook post:  When I was working for him I pushed him to change his position on a toxic well, fought to stop him from misusing staff on federal time, and urged him not to discriminate based on age. I worked in the Detroit office and was not aware of this amendment he sponsored.    I did get questioned by it by some voters in 2012 - and i got some bullet points from dc to deflect it.  When Monica Conyers was releases from prison in December 2012, her influence increased - a number of older women with seniority were all forced out or terminated.... and Monica's aunt now runs JC's schedule.   JC changed his position on the well (before I worked for him) after his wife took a bribe.       It is now an issue because I hope Mr. Conyers is not re-elected.   The timing is to help defeat him on August 5th, 2014.
So, I thought it only proper to make Robinson, son of Rose Mary Robinson, work a bit harder generating his blatant lies.

Besides, a bit of exercise may prove to be beneficial to Mr. Robinson's health.

The following is a correspondence I wrote July 5, 2011, out of concern about Robinson writing and "robo-forging" this Congressional letter dealing with the injection wells in Romulus.

I have always believed that this "robo-forging" has merit for criminal charges.

I guess Robinson thought it funny to generate and disseminate a forged missive to take Conyers out of office.  Monkey see, monkey do.

It is without any reservations I share my concerns regarding the June 27, 2011 letter regarding Commercial
injection well facility in Romulus and current permit applications.

To begin, why was the letter addressed to the Permit Writer, Allan Batka, and not the Region V Branch Chief, Rebecca Harvey.  This, in my honest opinion, is subversive and disregards any chain of command in the regional office.

It is my belief, once this letter is made public, that there will be a solidified causal linkage in the eyes of the public between previous issues surrounding UIC, showing up in relevance with basic internet searches of the Congressman's name and EPA.  This is not what one would call "best practices" when facing the daunting task of successfully running a re-election campaign in a newly drawn congressional district.  
What has left me in utter awe is the fact that this communication has referenced the forged 2007 EPA letter which ultimately launched a federal investigation leading to multiple criminal convictions. [emphasis added].  

There has been speculation in the media that there are concurrent investigations into matters related to this "$40 million" Detroit Pension investment by the SEC and FBI.

I refuse to ask why a congressional letter was generated, citing as reference a document that was entered into a federal court docket as evidence in a criminal proceeding, for there is no rhyme nor reason, but only a foreboding odium of the author towards the Congressman.

The EPA is in its final phase of implementing its 10-year long Geologic Sequestration (GS) project.  EPA has partnered with the DOE in meeting its goals to allow for UIC and is on track to issue 25 permits as the last phase of the GS pilot.  The end goal is to have the program fully commercialized by 2012, complete with public education campaign called the FutureGen Project of Environmental Information Administration.

Simply put, UICs are to be promoted as Green Technologies, further nurtured in the political climate of deregulation.

Region V, EPA regulates all classes of wells found in Michigan but the state has not applied for federal authority to run its own UICprogram.  Michigan is one of 10 states which participates in the UIC pilot program.  The issuance of "permits" circumvent regulatory oversight of EPA as opposed to "authorizing" UICs, touting that each permit is custom designed, increasing opportunity for data gathering and allowing flexibility on design, construction and maintenance using alternate but effective non-regulatory approaches.

As issues of deregulating key historical initiatives of EPA through the House passage of the REINS Act and other initiatives of the States come to light in the coming months, the Congressman is now in a position of being severely biased if and when Judiciary holds any committee hearings relevant to REINS Act.

Furthermore, this is an election cycle where green technology is to take center stage in redeveloping Michigan's economy.  The Congressman now has a public position against innovative environmental initiatives.

Quintessentially, I am utterly in horror with the prospect of public humiliation and political distancing as a result of this repugnant, missive buffoonery.  I shall share my concerns personally with JC and I encourage each and everyone to do the same.  I demand, as a constituent and 14th Congressional Democratic Delegate, criminal charges brought forth for I staunchly believe no one in authority of this Office authorized this letter.
As for the "older women" being fired because of age, why is it we only hear from Robinson who was fired for malice and incompetence?

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