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Why Michigan Gives CPS Immunity

Michigan Court of Appeals recently ruled that CPS agents are immune from liability even though it is substantially documented that they failed in their duties and let this girl meet her death.

Unfortunately, I have to agree with the ruling and this is why.

There is a history of Calista Springer's mother, friends and family fighting for her well-being but in Michigan, it does not work that way.

Members of Calista Springer's biological mother's family mourned after her funeral Monday in front of the house in downtown Centreville where Calista died in a fire.
Michigan CPS advocated for the father to have custody of Calista years ago despite complaints of her mother.

Anthony Springer was prone to fits of rage and violence, often throwing objects and punching walls and doors, according to a court document filed by his wife in 1999 seeking a personal-protection order. Marsha Springer, then 29, told a St. Joseph County judge in a four-page letter that her husband threatened her at times and often took out his anger on their three young daughters. "Tony never has a kind word to say to the girls and has never told them that he loves them," Marsha wrote in the letter attached to her request for the protection order.  "It's just constant yelling to shut up, get out of my way and get out of my sight."
Michigan granted the father consent to adopt his own child.  How can a biological father adopt his own child?  There were adoption bonuses and subsidies attached to this.  The last time I checked this is considered a false claim, defrauding the federal government with the blessings of Michigan.

This is why Michigan ruled in favor of CPS, otherwise it would be admitting to false claims.

The CPS agents are not the ones liable, it is the state as they are only agents who follow the training and supervision of their superiors.  It is the administration of the state which generates policies allowing for misfeasance and possible malfeasances in situations such as this.  It is the state that will not hold these workers accountable.  They may be just transferred like the workers of the Ricky Holland case.

I consider this nothing more than a severe breech of public policy.

The individual who is liable is the Michigan Director of Department of Human Services, The Madame Maura Corrigan.  Even though she was not in the position, she inherited all responsibilities of Marianne Udow, the former Director who demonstrated positive presentations in lack of empathy to the posterity of childhood and human existence.  Proudly, I state that I am the one who made her resign. (A story for another post).

With that said, the Court ruled properly.  CPS agents are not liable and it was remanded for proper amendment of the record.

Rulings like this made me run for State Representative of District 4.  Spread the word, I coming to Lansing.

Calista Springer

"Qui tam pro domino rege quam pro se ipso in hac parte sequitur"

Michigan Court of Appeals Opinion Giving CPS Immunity

UPDATE: Judge Michael J. Kelly used to sit on the Board of Advisors for St. Vincent Sarah Fisher Residential Institution I had shut down for similar actions as outlined in this case.  He also sat on Board of Directors for Boysville, another hell hole.

The attorneys of this case should file for recusal based upon new evidence presented below and amend he complaint because he has a history of turning a blind eye to what goes on in Michigan's child welfare.

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