Friday, April 6, 2012

Iowa Busted In $2.6 Million Child Care Fraud

Keep in mind that these data were not at electronic record keeping levels that we have today, meaning, there was more that was not identified. 

Of the $12,884,014 that the State agency claimed for CCDF targeted funds, the State agency did
not comply with Federal requirements when claiming $2,654,238 for FYs 2004 through 2008.

Specifically, the State agency (1) improperly reobligated $2,464,723 of FY 2004 targeted funds
after the obligation period had ended, (2) improperly obligated $134,209 of FY 2006 CCDF
targeted funds to another entity at the same level in the State government as the State agency,
and (3) did not refund to the Federal Government the $55,306 of targeted funds that either were
returned by the grantee after the obligation period had ended or remained unliquidated after the
liquidation period ended.  For the remaining $10,229,776 of CCDF targeted funds, the State
agency obligated and liquidated the funds in accordance with Federal requirements.

These errors occurred because the State agency did not have adequate policies and procedures in
place to monitor the obligation and liquidation of CCDF targeted funds pursuant to Federal

Iowa Improperly Claimed Some Child Care and Development Targeted Funds (A-07-11-03163)

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