Sunday, January 1, 2012

Medicaid To Pay For Alabama Parent "Fitness" Testing

This is a proposed bill to establish shared custody.  I know all about this and it has the best intentions, but there are substantial flaws.

Underneath, the movement began as a way of fathers protecting themselves from the outrageous antics of Friend of the Court.  The likelihood of a father going to jail for not being able to make payment is substantial.  Loose a job, go to jail.  Interest accrues, the father never is able to catch up and goes in and out of jail.  When the father is in jail, he cannot see his children nor work.  Because he has been in jail for non-payment of child support, he cannot hold a job.

In essence, this is great but the revenue maximizers stepped and inserted the code word "fit".

Who determines "fitness"?  Child Protective Services.

What happens if a parent is determined to be "unfit"?  Termination of parental rights.

The child is placed under the auspices of the state.  The state can share custody with the fit parent and begin to double dip.

Because of the one little word of "fit", the flood gates to tens of millions in Medicaid dollars come rolling into the state.  Medicaid pays for the fitness test.

Michigan was the first to try it and got shot down.   The state bar concurred.

We already have individual right protections.  This bill was not written to identify constraints of government, it is intrusive.  

Besides, would you let someone call you unfit without a fight?  Another added cost to the state.

 Alabama Fit Parent Bill

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