Thursday, March 31, 2011

Michele Bachmann’s 23 foster kids

Michele Bachmann’s 23 foster kids

By bachmannstupidoverdrive
WARNING: This post is pure rumor. We try to avoid posting things that aren’t well substantiated (we have the celebrity press if you like that kind of thing), but there’s nothing online that seems reliable enough to us. The joy of being a blog instead of a real newspaper is that we don’t have an editor to kill the story on this basis. Instead, you get a BIG FAT WARNING: This is unsubstantiated and you should use your judgment on the sources.

That said, Dump Bachmann’s got a post up about Bachmann’s foster kids. In essencecommenters to their site allege that the kids were used as baby-sitters for Bachmann’s five biological children.Wonkette had this allegation in 2006 as well, but anonymously. They linked to this MSP City Pages profile of Bachmann, which doesn’t really address the issue, although it has unrelated dirt about Bachmann’s unkindness to her lesbian stepsister. We’ve also seen passing references on the City Pages site suggesting that she sent the foster kids to public school but homeschooled her bio kids, presumably to protect them from independent thought.
We’d be delighted if someone in the real media could track down this story.

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