Monday, August 9, 2010

Social workers attempt calm removals

 What??? You mean there are no longer going to be police raids in the middle of the night, strange people snatching sleeping children out of beds, guns drawn on parents with no warrants, all based on an anonymous allegation?

Whatever is Child Protective Services  coming to?  Will this mean there will be pre-planning placement and relative caregivers?

We can only watch and wait...

Social workers attempt calm removals

Iowa social workers' old way of abruptly pulling children from parents suspected of abuse or neglect is too traumatizing for everyone involved, the state's top child welfare officials believe.That method still is the norm in almost all of Iowa's counties. But in an experiment in Polk County, social workers forewarn parents that they intend to remove a child. And they invite parents to help make the removal easier:...more
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