Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Oregon Child Welfare Director Says States Boundaries Arbitrary

Goldberg said “the boundaries of states are really arbitrary,” and the agreement allows the agencies to better serve families whose members live in both states.
According to Merriman-Webster:

Definition of ARBITRARY

1: depending on individual discretion (as of a judge) and not fixed by law arbitrary>
2 a : not restrained or limited in the exercise of power : ruling by absolute authority arbitrary government> b : marked by or resulting from the unrestrained and often tyrannical exercise of power <protection from arbitrary arrest and detention>
3 a : based on or determined by individual preference or convenience rather than by necessity or the intrinsic nature of something arbitrary standard> arbitrary positive number> <arbitrary division of historical studies into watertight compartments — A. J. Toynbee> b : existing or coming about seemingly at random or by chance or as a capricious and unreasonable act of will arbitrary — Nehemiah Jordan>
It is under the leadership of individuals such as Bruce Goldberg that the nation has such a dysfunctional child welfare system, riddled with fraud, waste and abuse.  Boundaries of states are only really arbitrary in the child welfare policies.  States' child welfare systems can do whatever they whimsically and capriciously wish to do because there is no transparency nor accountability and do not recognize federal mandates, civil rights, or the Congress of the United States.

     Section 1. State boundaries. The State of Oregon shall be bounded as provided by section 1 of the Act of Congress of February 1859, admitting the State of Oregon into the Union of the United States, until:
      (1) Such boundaries are modified by appropriate interstate compact or compacts heretofore or hereafter approved by the Congress of the United States; or
      (2) The Legislative Assembly by law extends the boundaries or jurisdiction of this state an additional distance seaward under authority of a law heretofore or hereafter enacted by the Congress of the United States. [Constitution of 1859; Amendment proposed by S.J.R. 4, 1957, and adopted by the people Nov. 4, 1958; Amendment proposed by H.J.R. 24, 1967, and adopted by the people Nov. 5, 1968]

Oregon's work in placing children with families is commendable, but please Dr. Goldberg, consult with a legal expert before reducing the work of Oregon's founders to a throw of the dice and putting your foot in your mouth.

We got some funding issues going on here...Hello?  Is there anyone paying attention besides me?
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