Friday, August 13, 2010

Kansas Hears On Waste In Child Welfare Privatization Contracts

Once again, in child welfare, particularly dealing with Child Placing Agencies (CPA), there are multiple issues with privatization I will point out.
  1. There is "self-reporting", as the CPAs are non-profit, which means there are no external audits and the fraudulent, wasteful and abusive activities are never reported nor are they used to improve quality of services;
  2. There is no contractual debarment, license revocation, sanctions or prosecution of fraud, waste and abuse in foster care and adoption;
  3. The State Attorney General Medicaid Fraud Control Unit does not go after Medicaid fraud in child welfare;
  4. There is typically no bidding process in child welfare services, allowing the privatized agency to set its own price on which the state will adopt;
  5. Most state accreditation organizations are quasi-governmental organizations, to advocate for cub
  6. Privatized CPAs are also privileged to quasi-immunities, protecting them from greater public challenges to issues of transparency and accountability; and, 
  7. Anything in child welfare is a secret...shhhhh....

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