Saturday, August 14, 2010

Have Child Abuse Data Been Manipulated?

Is this actually fraud?
No, this is not exactly fraud as she refused to do the deed, but it should raise serious questions into the operations of the administration.  Otherwise, it is an only an allegation without substantiation.
Perhaps, this is an indicator of potential fraudulent activity.  She said she did not engage in the generation of false reporting.  This only means there is no evidence of fraud, unless there is an investigation. 
Is this an indicator of false claims?  Absolutely.
Here we have a national skewing of statistical information in child abuse databases and it looks, once again, that no one will be held accountable and there will be no transparency, meaning external audits on the operations of the child placing agency.
If she was knowledgeable, she would have filed a whistleblower suit. Unfortunately, all you have is speculation and allegations which remain unsubstantiated.  This is why I call for more individuals in the legal profession to step up to the plate and embark on the journey of mastering this emerging market of the child industry and its regulation.

If Congress will not provide for checks and balances in the child industry, then I will.

Allegation claims Child Haven numbers falsified

A former Clark County child welfare administrator charges she was ordered to lie about the number of children at Child Haven to make it appear the county’s Family Services Department was doing a better job of placing children into foster care.

Teresa Medina said she quit her $65,000-a-year job because “I was asked to falsify documents relating to the time children arrived to the center and when they were pushed out into foster care,” she wrote in an e-mail to County Manager Virginia Valentine after she resigned.

“I was afraid of what I’d be asked to do next, what I’d be asked to lie about next,” she added, blaming Family Services Director Tom Morton for creating an “illusion that things are better for Clark County children.”...more
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