Thursday, August 5, 2010

Disability Rights New Jersey Exposes Child Drugging Scheme

The purpose of this post is to enlighten the public of what goes on behind the iron curtain of child welfare.

Even though this particular case does not showcase children, it does provide a working model for child welfare fraud.

As the revenue-maximizing scheme is unraveled, we have core elements of child welfare Medicaid fraud.  First you have a U.S. Department of Justice Civil Rights for Institutionalized Patients Act investigative finding report in August 2009 citing multiple violations in patient care addressed to the Governor.  Then, in June 2010 you have the state put on a dog and pony show and hand out a pretty shiny trophy to the party of the aforementioned federal investigative report.

N.J. group sues state for medicating mental patients without consent

One patient, restless from forced injections of psychotropic drugs, is said to constantly pace the halls of Ancora Psychiatric Hospital, wearing down the skin on his legs. Another, allegedly uninformed about her right to refuse medication, agreed to take pills despite concerns about side effects only when confronted with forced injections.

Both cases were cited by Disability Rights New Jersey in a lawsuit accusing the state of giving patients almost no opportunity to object to being involuntarily medicated with powerful drugs with potentially severe side effects.

"It’s abysmal," said Emmett Dwyer, litigation director for the federally funded advocacy organization. "New Jersey is running the worst mental health system I have ever encountered."...more

This may be the worst mental health system Emmett Dwyer has ever encountered, but it is not what the New Jersey Department of Health thought of its patient care.

Ancora Staff win Richard Codey Behavioral Healthcare Quality Improvement Trophy

DMHS is extremely proud to announce that the Lean Six Sigma-Birch Hall Restraint Reduction Quality Improvement project at Ancora Psychiatric Hospital is the 2010 winner of the Richard Codey Behavioral Healthcare Quality Improvement Trophy!

The Ancora Quality Improvement project was selected from a field of over sixty competing projects that were submitted as part of the 2010 Behavioral Health Care Quality Improvement Fair sponsored by the University of Medicine and Dentistry-University Behavioral Healthcare (UBHC) in Somerset , New
Jersey on June 2, 2010. UMDNJ Senior Vice President Christopher Kosseff, and New Jersey Senator Richard J. Codey presented the trophy, named in Codey’s honor because of the significant contributions he has made to mental health services in New Jersey...more

And this is what the U.S. Department of Justice thought of Ancora Psychiatric Hospital Patient Care:

CRIPA and ADA Investigation of Ancora Psychiatric Hospital,Winslow, New Jersey  
Instead of going into drawn out, enumerated detail as to how this is a mirrored child welfare revenue-maximizing scheme, I will allow Disability Rights New Jersey to describe of what goes on behind the iron curtain of child welfare. 

What you are about to conceive actually happens everyday in child residential institutions and children placed in foster care homes. 

What you are about to receive is relevant evidence to validate my supposition on the generation of child abuse propaganda.  Most children who are placed in residential treatment settings and therapeutic traditional foster care homes are done so, not for instances of what is promoted in child abuse literature as abuse and neglect, but are placed in the child welfare system as it is the only way to access mental health treatment.

Once a child is placed in the system, the child is overmedicated and/or unnecessarily medicated causing =>
a higher rate of cost reimbursement for the state leading to => increased lengths of stay =>stays in the least restrictive setting => reduced cost of care due to the drugging of children (i.e. catotonic and sleeping children require no oversight)  => termination of parental rights for the children have exceeded the 15 out of 22 months stay in foster care => increased need in adoption=> Medicaid fraud.
All of this is done without parental authorization for medication of their children because children under the auspices of the state are wards, be it temporary or permanent, of the state, and the state, thereby becomes the possessor of parental rights.

This is the reality of foster care.  Thank you DRNJ for your dedication and compassion to transparency and accountability.

As you read this, just replace the word "adult" with "child"...then multiply by 4.
Disability Rights New Jersey Involuntary Medication Complaint
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